Ohio? Pancakes? Monsters?


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Ohio? Thanks for the sunshiney so far! Not only are you warm in temperature, but your people are overly friendly and sweet too. Almost as sweet as pancakes, but I still haven’t found any yet. Suggestions?

We started off our trip in a place called Berlin Lake and today we are headed out to another area today.  We will probably be moving a lot in this state. We can’t wait to show you!! But I guess that means we have to drive more and that’s always tiring. It’s hard to sleep when this Big Blue Treat Wagon is on the move. But we are excited to see Ohio. Not as excited as when pancakes are on the skillet, but you get my drift. Also, speaking of drifts, do I smell pancakes? I would like to.

You may be wondering about the masked bandit raccoon that was hurt the first night. Well, he was able to shake off whatever ailed him and I guess he was afraid to be arrested by Sheriff Brickle and he moved on. Probably to commit crimes elsewhere. That would be smart on his part because we are law enforcement and we mean bizzznesss.

On this trip, we sure have met some nice people and people who are trying so hard to help animals. It is no different here. And we can’t wait to visit the good people at Noah’s Lost Ark this weekend. I better rest up for this one. I heard they have lions and tigers and bears. And hopefully pancakes.

Anyway. One last thing before I go. What in the world is growling at me at night in the big drains under the road? Enlighten me Ohio. Is it some kind of pancake monster or peanut butter cookie monster or even a wine monster? That would scare most of us here in the Big Blue Treat Wagon. When you don’t live in a place and just visit, you don’t know what anything is. And since we move every week, we are confused half the time on where we even are. So Ohio? We have a lot to learn this week still and a lot to see. I better find a pancake house fast though because I have a feeling this is going to take a lot of energy. Stay. Away. Monsters.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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