Welcome To Ohio…And…The Raccoon


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. One day in Ohio and I have already had to call for backup. Nonetheless, welcome to Ohio! I really don’t know where to start today. Usually Deputy Digby Pancake is the one lost for words.

Our day yesterday was pretty easy going from the raining West Virginia place to the Ohio place. It wasn’t too long of a drive. We got to our campground and first things first on the recap. Our electric cord was too short from the Big Blue Treat Wagon. So, after pulling in and pulling up and back and forth nonsense, Boy Person finally got it taken care of. Then. He forgot we had to fill our RV with water because there was no water here. Off we went again to the watering hole and then the dump station, which I hate talking about. Gaaaross. Me and Girl Person decided to survey the campground while the Deputy helped Boy Person and that’s when we saw it. The slinky slanky masked bandit. The raccoon.

Now, I know a criminal when I see one. And normally, I would have surveyed this gentleman for a criminal. I mean, he had a mask for goodness sakes. But he wasn’t moving like a criminal would. And I wanted to talk to him, so I kept trying to get to him and Girl Person said that she was unsure if this was normal behavior for a raccoon in Ohio. I thought nope. I don’t think so. He wasn’t getting up, just sleeping, and everytime we talked to him, he covered his face.  It was like when Boy Person talks to Girl Person.  Or something like that.


So Boy Person and Digby came back to our site and we talked about it a bit. That’s when Girl Person went to get the ranger who told her that they were checking on him all day and thought maybe he had ate something and would snap out of it. Girl Person and Boy Person kept watch on him for hours and tried to make calls, but no one would help. We felt pretty helpless. Even the camper next door with a cat named Pooter was unable to give us an answer on what to do. Even the other camper down the way with a pet tortoise in his RV was also unable to provide assistance. This Ohio place was already making us exhausted.

So, I finally called for backup. Even a Sheriff has to sometimes get assistance from other law enforcement in another area. Yep, even me. Because I thought to myself, self? You really need to not worry about how you look for once, but help this Ohio masked bandit. That’s when the Sheriff came and they transported this gentleman somewhere out of harms way where he could recover on his own in a safe place until the morning. That way, other campers could not get to him. But then the gentleman decided he better run because perhaps he was on probation or wanted or something. I put that aside and the persons helped him find a safe place to keep an eye on him. OH, we were tired, real tired. And I hope, very much hope, that by this afternoon he is doing better. And not committing crimes with his mask. I also hope that the camper with a cat named Pooter thinks about why he named his cat Pooter. Just adding that in.

We will make sure and give you an update later, and we have to say Ohio? We are still excited to be here! The sunshiney is out, we can see that you have so much to offer, and we are ready to explore! Let’s go!

By the way, this weekend, we will be visiting a really cool rescue and its unlike any rescue we have been to before. Did someone say…wolves? Lions?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Ohio…And…The Raccoon

  1. Carol Peterson

    Sheriff Brickle, you were wise to be weary of the masked critter in the daytime. He is a raccoon, and raccoons are night critters, not daylight ones. So if you see a raccoon in the daytime, steer clear of him because he might very possibly have rabies and do dangerous, aggressive things because of his rabies disease. So protect yourself, the Deputy, and your Persons by staying away from raccoons you see in the daytime, Sheriff!!

  2. Nina Merklin

    Oh, sheriff, I am impressed with your compassion for the “bandit” gentleman. Have a great time in the Ohio place

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