No Complaining In West Virginia


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And I have a dilemma, different than my normal dilemmas. So there is a lot of dirt here in this West Virginia place. And a lot of mud. And a lot of rain. And so a lot of this gets on me. Gets on my feet, on my head, everywhere. And then it gets in the car, on the persons, on Sheriff Brickle, and you get the message. I get arrested.

Girl Person says we are not allowed to complain about the deluge that has seemed to set in over our trip the last few weeks. She says there are people in areas that have lost their homes due to rain and we cannot and will not complain. Well, she doesn’t speak fluent dog, so I am going to complain now in my own way. Ruff ruff ruff and ruff. She cannot read that and it says if this rain does not stop, I am going to roll in mud until I cannot roll anymore. If you can’t fix a problem, roll in it I say. Make the best of it, I say. So.

Part of my agenda today as Deputy will be getting muddy. Dirty. Wallowing in the rain. Wallowing is something I was taught as a southern lad. Kind of like lathering like with butter. None of this is making much sense right now other than there is rain in my ears and it must be going to my brain. Kind of like Sheriff Brickle’s handsome goes to his brain.

Now, you don’t know this, but I did hear Girl Person complain. About what? Our shower in the RV is still not fixed because Boy Person got the part to fix it and it was wrong and it takes weeks for us to get our mail anyway. And well, the showers at this camp are over a half mile away. So you do the thinking here. Walking in the muddy rain to a shower may seem ok. But the walk back? Not so smart y’all. And getting in the Jeep full of dirt and mud? Not helping either. So I heard her complain. And I am sure it wont be the last although apparently we are still not allowed.

West Virginia? I know the rain isn’t your fault, but we would like to see what you have to offer. I am not complaining, but hey, a dog could use some lathered pancakes to wallow in.

P.S. Seriously though. What is with the gnats spelled with a g?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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