Carrots And Bikes Only In West Virginia


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and it’s the weekend, just in case you didn’t know! You. Are. Welcome.

We have “had a time” this week as our Granny used to say. The rain came down in buckets, the Big Blue Treat Wagon started leaking through our air conditioner, the shower still didn’t get fixed, and Girl Person has had to wash dishes outside because there is no hookups here or something. Now, the last debacle could have been solved by having Deputy Digby and I lick the dishes, but no one asked us.

So needless to say, this West Virginia place has tried to put a damper on our fun! But we won’t have it. The campground is beautiful, the mountains are so peaceful, and the air is so fresh. It has made for some wet hikes, but with scenery like this, it only adds to the experience.

It finally has stopped raining today, so we are planning to go on a really long hike at a place I have never heard of called Cooper’s Rock. Then we will see what trouble Digby Pancake can get into. Sounds like a plan.

Now, first things first, I do have to say that an arrest report is pending on the Deputy himself. I have not made a full arrest yet because I need his collaboration today in this West Virginia place. What did he do? Thanks for asking. We always eat al fresco, you know, outside, because the Deputy gets food everywhere. Spaghetti in the bathroom, chicken in the chair, carrots in the shower. I know, this makes no sense, but he eats so fast and so crazy he flings food everywhere, and the Big Blue Treat Wagon is dirty enough without Digby’s all you can eat buffet. So we were eating dinner outside, and Digby decided he flung a carrot too far and had to get it immediately. Girl Person was holding onto our leashes and sitting in her wet, unsturdy chair, right by the persons’ bicycles and Digby pulled her so hard she fell right on the bicycles.

Girl Person decided not to tell Boy Person about it because it sounded crazy. A carrot, bicycles, falling. So that night, when Boy Person saw all her bruises, he asked. What happened this time? Girl Person told him it was unsafe to eat carrots by bikes. And he asked no questions, because he knew that it made sense. Somehow. Somewhere. Only in West Virginia.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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