Peace And Gnats


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and sometimes, I am even surprised. I am not surprised by my handsome, or by the majestic beauty of my brindle coat. I am not surprised at Deputy Digby’s lack of decorum or love of pancakes and all smelly things. But this West Virginia place has surprised me.

It’s a rare thing to find true silence and beauty in our world. Even when we think we are isolated, often we can hear the hum of traffic in the distance or the nagging worrying of our own minds. Maybe that’s just me. But in this West Virginia place, I will say that there is a lot of peace here, and beauty. Maybe its also because I have arrived. Could be it.

The winding country roads, the creeks everywhere and beauty of the mountains is enough to make anyone stop and take notice. This West Virgina place has certainly been a welcome retreat for our trip. We have been going so much and working so hard that sometimes we forget where we even are. This state is #17 on our list of 48. But for now, for today, we won’t think of that. Otherwise we will miss it and it will fly by. We are only here for a week, West Virginia. And we thank you for letting us visit.

Today, we are headed to our rescue pick for West Virginia called Homeward Bound. We can’t wait to hear all the good they do and how they do it. I will make sure and keep a report for you.

Yesterday, we had fun exploring the many hiking trails around us and there are some great plans ahead for the week. As you may have noticed, some days we simply take it all in. We may not have a specific agenda, but often, we find the best things that way. Kinda like when Boy Person found me at the shelter. He did not know I would be so awesome.

I do have a few questions though West Virginia while I am here. First, why do you have so many gnats and why is that bug name spelled with a g when that makes no sense? Also, why is it sunny one minute and rains the next? Why are there hunting signs everywhere in the woods and should we be nervous about that? Who do I need to arrest in this instance? Fill me in.

Those are all the questions I have for now except will I get handsomer tomorrow? Never mind. I know the answer to that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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