A New York State Of Mind.


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. This New York place is awesome!!  I am definitely in a New York state of mind, my friends.  And was bound and determined yesterday at the dog park to show my excitement by humping everything in sight.  It WAS humpday.  So no arrests were made.  Every Wednesday is a holiday to me.

Girl Person took us to one of the biggest dog parks we have ever seen in this Ithaca, New York place.  She called to the people inside the fence to ask them if there was any way I could get out.  Anywhere.  They said nope, all fenced in!  So we went inside and the first dog I met was Zeke.  His girl person said he was a rescue from the south, and we are meeting a lot of rescues from the south in many, many states.  Let’s just say every state we have visited so far… I recognize them right away by their accent y’all.

Zeke and I humped back and forth.  Run. Hump.  Chase. Hump.  Poop. Hump.  Until Sheriff Brickle decided he had enough.  He kept trying to break us up, but we would not stop, we could not stop. We were in a New York state of mind. I mean, come on. You knew I would bring up this song eventually.


Yep, a holiday.  Just like Billy Joel says. I told you that Wednesday is a holiday! Can you utterly imagine if I could play the piano like Billy Joel, and if I could, would I use two paws or four? I don’t know.

We even started a conga line of humpers until all the dogs were one big humping, New York machine. Girl Person was embarrassed, but all the persons were so cool that they just laughed.  No one was mad.  Everyone let us work it out.  I guess that is what they do in this New York place.  I wish that everyone had a New York state of mind, especially on humpday.

I haven’t hopped a Greyhound to the Hudson River Line like Billy Joel says, I think I am too heavy to ride a greyhound.  Their legs are too skinny.  But listen.  My point is this.  New York is just plain cool.  Almost as cool as Sheriff Brickle when he is about to make an arrest.  Which is all the time.  He needs to get in a New York state of mind for sure.  And by the way, he would totally use two paws to play the piano.  The other two would be writing your arrest report.  Because I heard you singing to Billy Joel.  Nuff said.

Have a great day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake



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  1. Carol Peterson

    Best narration yet, Deputy Digby Pancake! 🙂 Now I can’t get that Billy Joel song out of my head, thanks to you, Digby. Hahaha!

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