The Bite.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And yes. You have probably already figured out by the title of this blog that an arrest is in order.  An arrest has happened.  And first off, everyone is ok.  Now.  On to my report.

You may not know this, but Boy Person likes to exercise. Whether that is biking miles to get eggs, then falling off his bike in Vermont, or running to nowhere, he likes it.  But last night, he didn’t like it so much.

Let’s meet Roady.  A black labrador retriever who lives in this New York place.  His name apparently means that he likes to chase people down roads.  Not just that, but this arrest report will state that he likes to bite runners right in the back of the leg.  Like Boy Person.  Roady.  Is.  Arrested.

Now, there are plenty of times I would like to bite Boy Person myself.  When he takes up all the room in bed, when he sits in my chair, or when he forgets to buy my Matzo.  So maybe I should slip Roady a few bucks for doing my dirty work.  Really though, Boy Person is a hurtin’.

When the bite happened, Roady’s persons were very upset and very sorry, and Boy Person was even able to pet him afterwards…after the yelling stopped because he was hurting so bad.  The persons explained that they were just out in their garden and it was a mistake.  And yes, mistakes do happen.  Boy Person told them not to worry, that we had dogs and that sometimes, unforeseen occurrences…well, occur.

On our trip lately, I will say that I am a grump.  I haven’t bit legs like Roady, but yes, sometimes, Girl Person has to tell kids and people to just give me my space, that I may not be in a good mood that day. And truth be told, I am not in a good mood sometimes.  Can you imagine that?  Girl Person says that it is better to be safe than sorry, and we only hope that Roady’s persons remember his leash next time.  Mistakes do happen though, and my arrest report will state the following as a footnote.

We all must give each other leniency sometimes.  I tend to growl if I think someone wants my ice cream in public.  And so Girl Person and Boy Person decided no more ice cream or food in public! We all make mistakes.   So for us to give Roady a break, and understand that apparently he likes the taste of a skinny Boy Person butt, we will do that.  Lessons are hard learned sometimes.

But Roady?  Sorry, buddy, you still are arrested.  It is my first arrest in this New York place, and goodness, it was a big one.  Unlike Boy Person’s butt.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

**Names have been changed due to Sheriff Brickle Law Privacy Acts

5 thoughts on “The Bite.

  1. Joann Denning

    Have been told to put yellow ribbon on leash … Means pup isn’t approachable …!! Love ya !! 💋🌹😘🍀💋 hope boy person is doin better .. 👌😎👍

  2. Doreen Murphy

    I too was bitten by a dog in the butt , the problem was I knew the dog, he randomly bit me for no good reason.
    He was a Wiemeraner(sp.) Anyway, he NEVER ever showed aggression towards me ever and I knew him since he was a pup so this was not typical behavior for Rufus.
    Me being the animal lover I am ( and though the bite was far from pleasant.) I forgave him and truthfully my feelings were more hurt than my butt.
    I thought he liked me. 😢🐕
    That was 43 years ago and he was my first and last dog bite to date.

  3. Karen Olson

    Good job Sheriff Brickle. I can understand a bad mood too. I admire your restraint too. I don’t know if I would s someone be so understanding and I say this as someone who has had their butt bit by a very mean dog who likes to chase persons on a bike. One big difference here I think is that Roady had persons who cared about their dog and what happened to BP. In my case, not so much. Stupid woman didn’t care the dog broke skin. Thank goodness I could out ride the dog! I am sure this pup went on the chase others. But in his defense, he was never told he was doing a very not cool thing. So shame on his person, poor pup. I could have used you, Sheriff to arrest that person. Glad that BP not hurt too bad.

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