Nap And Wings


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Oh, what a day we had yesterday in New York! Probably, my funnest activity as of late is sleeping and napping, because, well, we are super tired. Traveling is hard work, especially when you leave a state every week. So the day after we travel, we get to rest the whole next day at camp! Snacks and napping and walking around the campground getting used to where we are going to “live” for a week is quite fun actually! And it also gets us rested to plan for the week ahead. And we are so happy to be in this New York place.

The first thing on our agenda is visiting a rescue in Freeville, New York today. Then we will see what else! We are kinda wingin it today. Which makes me crave chicken wings. And the persons are vegetarians so looks like I gotta find some on my own. But I also would like pancakes. And this is requiring a nap for me to figure this all out. Anyway.

We think our week is going to be filled with hiking, the persons visiting some wineries in this beautiful area and our normal stuff of finding good, local food and meeting wonderful people. If any of our New York fans have some suggestions for us in the Finger Lakes area which I hope has no fingers in the lakes, please let us know!

Until later, have a great day. Look for Facebook updates today on where we are and well, try to sneak in a nap if you can. And find me some chicken wings.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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