See Ya Later, Vermont!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Every time we leave a state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, it is a sad day.  Mostly because we can’t see everything that each state has to offer, and we know that there is more!  But the good thing is, we are getting a glimpse into every state and the best things about it.  We get to see our fans’ love for their home states, how welcoming they are, and how proud they are to give us recommendations.  We read each and every one of your comments, but sadly don’t have the time to respond to each one…I have to leave time to eat cookies and arrest people.  Priorities!!  But we do see them all and really appreciate it!  What great suggestions you give us too!


This Vermont place was certainly one of Deputy Digby Pancake’s favorites..need I say more?!  Pancakes.  Maple syrup.  He even made up a recipe, Digby’s Vermont Maple Pancakes.  He’s pretty proud of it.  I certainly loved the ice cream here.  I mean seriously…maple syrup ice cream?  If you are fortunate enough to be here during the winter time, they actually make a dessert using maple syrup on snow! I am serious.  I never joke around.  That is too good to joke around about.  I think we may have to come back.


Vermont is called the Green Mountain State and the trails rock.  And are rocky.  And are beautiful, but not as beautiful as me.  I really don’t need to specify that fact, but for the new readers, I do.  They don’t know the extent of my handsome yet.


But for all the covered bridges, farmer’s markets, dairies, cheeses, maple syrup sugarhouses and one of the most peaceful, friendly campgrounds we have ever stayed at, The Tree Farm Campground in Springfield, it is time to say goodbye.  We have over 30 more states to visit, and although we wish we could have seen more and that our Jeep didn’t break down, it is time to move on.  It just gives us reason to come back.  So….New York?  Here we come!! Are you ready for us?  I say you are not.  But we are on the way!

Have a great day everyone!  Here we go…again!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


2 thoughts on “See Ya Later, Vermont!

  1. Carol Peterson

    Just love the covered bridge photo! The New England states are famous for their covered bridges and the charm that those old bridges from a bygone era lend to New England. Of course, YOU are HANDSOME in EVERY photo, Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. 🙂

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