There She Goes…


This is Deputy Digby Pancake and I love Connecticut so far!  Today, we will be visiting our paw-picked animal rescue in Groton, Connecticut called Friday’s Rescue Foundation.  Look for updates on our page today!

Anyway, back to the blog at hand, I mean paw.  Yesterday was Tuesday, so on our trip, we have been using this day to catch up on our rest and chores and laundry and pancake eating.  Girl Person especially loves this day, and we like to sit outside while she works on her computer thing.  She asked the Sheriff and I yesterday if we wanted to work with her outside in the sunshiney.  Of course we said yes.  And all was calm. For a minute.

Girl Person was immersed in her computer thing and Boy Person was outside too pretending to do chores on the RV while his soccer game was on.  We know his trick.  Sheriff Brickle smelled it first.  The smell of dog in the air.  And for once, I hadn’t rolled in anything dead yet for the day.  Girl Person saw his nose twitching and knew immediately that a dog must be about to walk by.  And you would think this would be no big deal.  Wrong.  When we are at camp, we take ownership of our campsite and we guard it like pancakes and peanut butter cookies with bacon on top.

Girl Person had just remarked to Boy Person that she loved to sit in her camp chair.  Not such a sturdy chair if I say so myself.  And definitely not dog proof.  And definitely not fall proof.  As Girl Person saw Brickle’s nose twitching from the smell of dog, she grabbed his leash quick to prepare, at the same time to grab my leash which slipped from her hands.  Then, the chair slipped from her butt.  Which let me just put this in perspective.  Dog smell.  Leash grab.  Leash slip.  Chair out from under butt.  Flown across camp, Girl Person that is.  There. She. Goes. Chair hits Boy Person.  Boy Person runs to catch me.  And there were two surprised huskies and their Girl Person with their mouths open.


Girl Person tried to brush herself off and not look crazy. But too late.  Boy Person tried to mend the situation by letting us dogs greet each other in a calm manner.  Oh, we were all friends after all.  Girl Person came back to camp with her chair and a huge red mark on her arm, and Boy Person remarked that wow.  What in the world happened?  Girl Person said it was a good thing she wasn’t old yet because she would have about 5 broken hips at this point.  The year is young yet, young.  There is plenty of time for that.

Yes, by the way, I know.  We arrested ourselves.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

4 thoughts on “There She Goes…

  1. Karen Olson

    I want to laugh but out of respect I won’t. But I have been there done that .. fall out of my chair while chasing my 2 shih tzus! I should be embarrassed and am lucky I didn’t break any hips. Done that too. By the way, but that story is for another day. LOL
    (Couldn’t resist) happy you were not hurt, GP.

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