Welcome To Connecticut!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I have the distinct pleasure today of welcoming you to Connecticut! How did I know how to spell that word?  I have no idea.  Seems as though I am getting way smarter on this trip.  Don’t get too excited though.  I will not be able to tell Sheriff Brickle that because then he will make me do more work.  Which is not happening.

So last night, we arrived at camp in a place called Preston, Connecticut. We drove a long way it seemed like from New Jersey and our hearts were a bit heavy after saying goodbye to all the goats and cows and horses and tiny horses at our last camp in New Jersey.  But then.  We arrived here and there…were…goats!  Now, these goats are a bit, well, unfriendly so far.  Maybe they will have to get used to us before they say hello.  Give us a day and we will win them over, you will see.  Apparently though, according to the sign, we have to wear shoes with the goats.  I see no shoes on the goats themselves however.  What is the deal with that? Double standard in my opinion.

So I have to come clean about one thing.  I am addicted to eating goat poop.  And Sheriff Brickle is as well.  If Girl Person brushes our teeth one more time, I will still do it again.  And again.  I mean, really.  Why not?  When you are on vacation, you have to sample the local cuisine.  And eat local is everyone’s motto right now.  Sounds good.

Anyway, Connecticut has already surprised us! So far we have seen rocky mountains and rivers and streams!  Who knew?  We are taking today though to set up camp, do laundry, get food (also goat poop) and check out the immediate area as we rest up for tomorrow.  Because tomorrow, we are visiting our Connecticut animal rescue! I have a feeling that this week is going to be a great one! We are ready for Connecticut.  But is Connecticut ready for us? Goat poop.  No idea why I said that.

-Deputy Digby Pancake





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