A Day Of Rest?


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever been hung over? Well, I have. From pancakes. But I have felt hung over for a couple days now. Girl Person says that it’s because we are traveling so much. She also said that we deserved our day of rest yesterday in this Delaware place. And it was nice!

Our day of rest started with a hike around the pond at the campground. There was a big group of kids on the trail and they were taking up the whole thing, kind of like Brickle and I try to do. When they saw us, they started screaming! “Dog! Dog! Are they going to bite us?” And then they started running around like crazy! Girl Person asked them if they had ever seen a dog before and what in the world was wrong with them? Usually she tries not to say anything to crazies, but it was total mayhem. Sheriff Brickle was getting out his arrest report book and Girl Person didn’t want him to get out the handcuffs too. She told him that he was supposed to be having a day off and to just let it go. Well, he doesn’t ever let anything go. So he told them in a not so nice manner that they were disturbing the peace which made them scream anymore. I tell you what. There was a pond right there and I considered jumping in it. Actually, I did jump in it and shook water all over them. Girl Person tried not to laugh and we kept walking.

Well, that was a good start to the day. So after we got back, we had snacks and naps and got a bath. I know, Brickle hates baths, and usually I do too, but after leaving that Maryland place with all the bugs, we needed a few baths! And it felt good. Then we laid in the sunshiney. I rolled around on my back and Girl Person thought I was just scratching it. But little did she know that I was rolling on a dead beetle among other bird poop piles. It felt good, real good. And when she kissed me goodnight last night, she found out, but it was too late to take a bath! Bahaha!

So our day of rest was good. A day of rest should have included more pancakes and peanut butter cookies, but I won’t complain about that. I will actually. Today, we are headed to 2nd Chance Fur Babies Rescue in Harrington, Delaware and I am super excited! Look for some pictures to come! We will try not to arrest anyone today. But I can’t promise about tomorrow.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Nina Merklin

    Dear Deputy, my babies have been travelling, too. Moving 1500 miles away is stressful for them, you doggies need your familiar place and routine. Hang in there, lots of love, walkies, and of course lots of pancakes and peanut butter cookies!!

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