Hard To Get, You Know?


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Yesterday was a ruff day.  We worked very hard, but got rewarded well with an appropriate dinner and a few cookies.  The hardest thing I had to do was play hard to get at our rescue visit with 2nd Chance Fur-babies Animal Rescue in Harrington, Delaware.  This Delaware place has been kind to us so far.  Less bugs, more sunshiney and cooler temperatures.  All good in my book.  But even when you are happy, you can’t let people know it.  Especially the pretty girl person who runs the rescue.  I had to play hard to get.

I am used to adoring fans, yes.  But I have a reputation to uphold as Sheriff.  And I can’t let anyone know, not even the pretty girl person at the rescue that I liked her.  No.  I also could not let anyone know that I was petrified, absolutely petrified of the criminal puppy they had just taken in.  I am telling you, that growl is out of nightmares.  And I was not having it.

Girl Person knew what was going on.  I froze.  I would not move.  I would not be sociable.  I would not even arrest Deputy Digby who was trying to assert his authority by howling and humping the dogs not paying attention to him.  No, I was trying to blend in.  That puppy was giving me the staredown.  Now, seriously.  I could have arrested her.  But who would have been the bad guy? Me, I tell you.  So I thought about it a moment.

First of all, she was scaring me, the puppy that is.  Second of all,the pretty girl person was giving me butterflies in my stomach, or it could have been for lack of cookies, I don’t know which one.  All of this added up to my saddest of looks to Girl Person to get me away.  Girl Person told me to stop playing hard to get.  And yes, I was.  But since I was looking so amazing, and Digby would not stop being Digby, for the video they recorded, they decided to let us sleep elsewhere for a few minutes.  You see, playing hard to get is a must for a Sheriff.  If I ever need to come back and arrest that puppy later on, and I will be called, I guarantee it, my authority will be one to be feared.  That that pretty girl person? Well, she is going to have to keep dreaming.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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