Welcome To Delaware!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Welcome to Delaware! We are happy you are on the trip with us this week.  Looks like Delaware is a small state in size, but big on personality.  If you are a fan in Delaware, we would love, love, love your suggestions on where we should visit.  And don’t forget that we are having a fan meet up on Wednesday!  Would love for you to take an almost 3 mile hike with us!

So we left that Maryland place yesterday.  And we left the biting flies there too.  I have never in my life saw so many flies.  And bugs.  And although we had a great time in Maryland, Girl Person says that she needs to go through a car wash because she looks a mess.  I agree.  I also need a spa or something.  Sheriff Brickle arrested Maryland before we left, and his sentence was one without parole.  I can’t help you Maryland.  Because I am not going back there to get bit to help you.

Girl Person loved the wine in Maryland and she is set to explore Delaware’s wine too!  I don’t know what all the fuss is about wine, but it makes her happy like pancakes make me happy.  That’s all good.

What is on today’s agenda? Well, we are going to set up camp, get our supplies and groceries and rest up for tomorrow’s visit with 2nd Chance Furbabies in Harrington, Delaware.  So today means lots of pancakes and sleep.  And yes, we will be doing some exploring too! Let’s get this week started, Delaware!!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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  1. Karen

    Love you guys have a great time in Delaware never been there but hope you all have a great visit Love You Karen

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