Somewhere On A Beach


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  So where are we again? I can’t keep up lately.  A few days ago we were in a Virginia place and now we are in this Maryland place full of Marys and not Brickles so why am I here?  Anyway, we are staying in a nice area called Crisfield.  The place is called Janes Island State Park and yep, it is on the water.  Seems like this whole trip so far as been somewhere on a beach. And I’m not complaining!

We love the water and somehow it reminds us of home.  Although then we remember that our “home” is the Big Blue Treat Wagon because we sold our concrete home.  And now our home has wheels.  And it is full of treats for shelters. Quite a difference!

This trip has been crazy so far.  Seems like it is going so fast.  I can’t believe that Deputy Digby Pancake hasn’t got us all arrested yet with his howling in the campgrounds, trying to hump rescue animals at the shelters we visit and generally stinking up the place.  Guess since I am in law enforcement, it helps to have connections in the places we visit.  You know, we work together and everything to uphold the law.  Many times I have had to confirm that I would put Digby on probation to the Sheriffs in their jurisdiction.  And I do what I say.  Believe me.

We even had some fans come and meet up yesterday! They traveled a long way just to say hello and it was special.  I wanted to arrest their furkids for having brindle coats, because there is only so much beauty a campground can handle and well, no further explanation necessary.  But since they were so nice, I let them go with a warning. But I didn’t like Girl Person kissing them.  Just saying.


Today, we visit Baywater Animal Rescue in Cambridge, Maryland.  We have a bit of a drive, and it will be a long day.  But we can’t wait to find how how they make a difference for their animals.  And we will definitely share with you later!

Till then, I am gonna relax till we leave today.  Sometimes, I miss that Florida place and the water.  But I have new water to look at here today and I am gonna enjoy it.  Have a great day everyone!

-Peanut Butter Brickle




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