This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, yesterday was certainly a productive day, and as law enforcement, that is extremely important. Deputy Digby had a productive day for sure. He rolled around in whatever he rolled around in at multiple places we visited here in this Maryland place. And his day ended with a bath, as did mine.

We started our day off with a jaunt through the campground. I will tell you this. I thought we had bugs in that Florida place. Well, these bugs make those bugs feel embarrassed. These bugs are out to get ya and I mean, get ya. There is no way that I can arrest all these bugs. No way. They have bit the persons more times than I can count. We walk outside, bit. We walk inside, bit. We go to the bathroom, majorly bit. The persons get in the shower, bit. Girl Person says there is no way she can make it a year camping if this is the way it is going to be. Now, we have never been afraid of bugs, but I am scared. Scared that we are all gonna be one big bug bite walking around. If there was a car wash to put us all through, we would have to go through it numerous times to get clean, and even then, we would need a week to go through it everyday to get cleaner.

Am I complaining? I sure am. So anyway, yesterday we visited Baywater Animal Rescue in Cambridge, Maryland. I can’t wait to share with you all of our pictures and video. As soon as we go through a car wash this weekend, look for it. I promise it is coming. And after we visited the rescue, we decided to take a detour and drive through Cambridge looking at all the beautiful homes and then yes, if you follow our Facebook page, you know we went to a winery. We are not embarrassed about it. Because I tell you what. They had a welcoming winery dog named Bo and she was amazing. Amazing! She was so nice, and I guess I would be too if I lived at a winery. The winery was called Layton’s Chance and we will be writing about that too. We hope you like us sharing our adventures. If not, I don’t know what to tell you. Oh, yes I do. You. Are. Arrested.




So what is on the agenda for today? Besides arresting, Girl Person says she has to write and write some more for BarkPost. Then we have to rest and eat a lot because we have more exploring here to do in this Maryland place. Will you join us? Don’t make me do it..

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “Productive.

  1. Wendy Henley. the lab, River, the Great Pyrenees/lab Trevor

    Thank you ALL for these blogs, pictures, and pictures with remarks under them. I look for them everyday, and I’m hoping you make it to South Dakota. I will need a little time so if you will be in the West end and not the east end I can make arrangements to come see you, you are so worth it!! Love you!!

  2. Yes, we are enjoying your adventures! We are having our own, and I wish we had Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle with us to arrest all the bugs biting us too. We are in Kentucky and the ticks are so tiny you can hardly see them, but they bite big time.

  3. Lolas Mealticket.

    I JUST LOVE these. I am going through a VERY tough time with my child and these are the highlight of my day! I love what you’re doing, what your saying, and how you are reaching people. Those are two of the luckiest dogs on the planet! Thank you for reminding me to smile or giggle a little.
    Has boy person found anyone to help you fix that shower? If you ever make it to Buffalo NY I will get someone to fix it for you.

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