Status Report #5


This is Sheriff Peanut Buttr Brickle with your weekly Status Report on our Adventure Of A Lifetime!

First of all, we want to thank all of our fans for your many suggestions on places to visit and rescues to be aware of.  Please don’t forget to put those suggestions on our Suggestion Box page so that we can make sure and remember.  It’s hard to believe, but our heads are all over the map right now in the packing stage! Have I mentioned how tired we are?

As you all know, this was an exciting week for our family! We finally purchased our RV!

Now, the problem was finding one that was big enough to hold all of my handsome, and although that is not possible, it is certainly close!  As you all know, it’s not about what we have in life, but what we do with it. And we are proud that this RV will be taking us all across the country to visit rescues and show you all the wonderful places you can take your dog and enjoy life! So although the RV is not new, it’s new to us and we LOVE it.

Speaking of the RV, it’s time to announce the name we picked, and by the way, thanks for all of your suggestions! Some of them were so creative!!

The name of our RV is….


Why? Its big.  Its definitely blue.  And we will be delivering treats to rescues across the country! And yes, the boys will definitely be eating a lot of treats in here, pancakes and peanut butter cookies, yeah!

Our winner of the 2 Traveling Dogs t-shirt is Cyndi Ruggerio!! Thanks Cyndi!

You can get your own and support our trip at



What else? What else? Hold your peanut butter cookies.  I have more news.  We will be filming a segment in the next couple of weeks for Daytime NBC and if it is not shown in your area, don’t worry, we will be sharing the show with you on April 27th via our Facebook page!  Stay tuned.  Guess we better start stocking the RV with peanut butter cookies and pancakes in case the TV hosts want some, you know?

When are we leaving? Yes, still May.  But the exact date is a surprise.  You will be given very short notice, you know for excitement purposes.  I’m all about the excitement, you know? That’s my middle name.  Actually, Butter is.

As we told you in our last Status Reports, our first stop is Jekyll Island, Georgia.  We are searching right now for a rescue in that area along with dog friendly hikes and places to go.  So again, make sure you put in your suggestions to the Suggestion Box!

We are counting down our last days in this Florida place.  Every day here is a blessing.  We are trying hard to remember why we are doing this trip and trying not to cry as we will miss our family and friends so much.  It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions, just like me. But we can do this with your help!  We want to thank you for your many comments on our Facebook page and the smiles you bring to us every day.  Although we can’t respond to each individual comment, please know that we read them all.  And we love our fans. But although I love you, I will still arrest you and do not think that even though I am busy, I don’t see what you’re doing.  Just remember that.

Time to price more stuff for our yard sale..again.  I need to mark Digby down.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


3 thoughts on “Status Report #5

  1. That is one BIG RV! You are going to really enjoy the island for your first stop. I took a
    year long trip, 10 yrs. ago (minus my animals) and it really was the experience of a lifetime.
    When you finish with your trip you will probably wonder if you can tolerate being in the same spot all the time!

  2. Judith Moore

    Sheriff Brickle Digby is not for sale, but you can arrest me. Have a great trip I’ll be watching you.

  3. Ladonna

    Love your RV name! I can’t wait to follow you sweet beautiful boys on your adeventure and read your blogs! Love you sweet fur boys! Good luck at your yard sale and hope you sell more stuff! ❤️😍

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