The RV Is Arrested


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and I about had a heart attack last night.  Have you ever been trying to go to sleep and you can’t stop thinking about stuff?  Or sometimes you go to sleep and then you wake up and remember something and it seems like a bad dream?  That’s what happened to me.

All of a sudden I started thinking about this RV thing and us somehow living in this contraption for the next year.  And it hit me.  Where.  Are.  Our.  Beds.  Going.  To. Go.  And then I remembered what I could do about it.  So, the RV.  Is.  Arrested.

This is just one of the things on my list in a long list of questions I have about this upcoming trip.  This Adventure Of A Lifetime.    I am sure you have questions too.  Pretty much everyone does because this seems crazy that I am going to have to arrest this RV all year long.

Girl Person says that Digby was questioning his pancakes fitting in it.  She says that we all will have to make adjustments.  Sheriffs don’t make adjustments, we enforce them and well, I think I better get my pad and pen ready for all of these arrest reports.  Seems like they probably won’t even fit in this RV thing anyway.  This is ridiculous. It is arrested again.

All this arresting is tiring me out which is sad because where are my beds going to fit in this RV for me to rest up after I arrest it all day long?

Ugh.  Just.  Ugh.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle



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