Hey Good Lookin…Whatcha Got Cookin?


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I woke up like this.  Hungry.  Collar all a mess.  A double and triple chin combined.  It’s Monday.

When you wake up, and you can’t seem to get it together, you think of ways on how to wake up.  I say pancakes.  I always say pancakes.  How do I get them?

Sheriff Brickle seems to think that flattery will get you everywhere.  So since it’s Monday, and since I really want pancakes, how about I sing you a song? Sing with me.

Now that you have sang along, hey good lookin…whatcha got cookin? How about cookin some pancakes up for me?

I think that it would make me feel better and make you feel better and make us all feel better together on this Monday.  Can you imagine the good things that could happen in this world today if everyone just stopped and made some pancakes for someone else? I can only imagine the pawsibilities!

Girl Person says that I need to wake up because unless I wake up, Brickle won’t get out of bed and if he isn’t doing his Sheriff duties, the world will be a mess.  I will only get up for pancakes.  Come on…did I tell you how gorgeous you are today?

Have a great day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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