Make It Rain Pancakes!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Do YOU KNOW what day it is?! Brace yourself.  Sit down for this.  It’s a big one.  It’s not National Peanut Butter Cookie Day.  It’s not National Pizza Day.  It’s not National Roll In Deer Poop Day.  It’s not even National Drink Wine Day like Girl Person would like it to be.  Apparently on her calendar, that’s every day.  But anyway, here it goes.  IT IS NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY!  I am serious!!!

So listen.  I’ve got the money.  I’ve got the name.  I’ve got it all, and I am ready.  So make it rain! Make it rain pancakes! This is a celebration! As you can see, I am also taking a nap while typing this and therefore resting for the pancake goodness I’m about to receive!!

I don’t even need a menu, I memorized my order last night.  Menus are overrated and generally sticky.  Stickier than my paws in a room full of pancakes.  Where is that room? Can I go there?  So here is my order.  I will take a stack of pancakes to start with blueberries.  Then please, after approximately 15 minutes, I would like another stack with bananas.  No whipped cream, it gets on my nose which leads to an appearance of not being serious about pancakes, and I am serious. That will be my first round.  I would like this repeated periodically throughout this day with bacon as a palate cleanser.  Yes, I know what a palate cleanser is.  I have been reading up and preparing for this day forever, or at least since last year.  I didn’t get my name for nothing.

So everyone? Get out there and enjoy the day!  National Pancake Day is very, very important.  Much more important than the unimportant things you have to do today. This day only comes once a year! Let’s do this!! I love this day!!!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

P.S. Girl Person says if you want a recipe to make pancakes for your dog today, here it is! Just click on the link!



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