A Wild Pig Chase


This is Deputy Digby Pancake and I am tired. Real dern tired.  And it ain’t cause I’m not in shape.  You try chasing a pig in the woods for an hour and see how you feel.

It all started this morning after our hike.  There we were, thinking we had done such a great job, and HE showed up.  Well, I guess it’s a he, I don’t know.  I don’t really care.  Yes, I am a bit testy this morning.  I’m calling him a he.

So we were about to jump in the lake to cool off. Girl Person had fresh water and treats for us to snack on before the ride home. And then he peeked around the corner, all pig like. Yep, a pink pig in the woods wagging his tail and acting all happy and the such.  Girl Person said, “are you kidding me?”.  She asked the pig what he was doing there and please watch out that I, yes I, was a hunting dog and I meant business.  She barely said that when Brickle and I decided to get it! We pulled her down on the ground, flat on her stomach thru the woods holding on for dear life, and yes, squealing like a pig.

The pig ran and ran and so did we until our leashes got caught around a tree.  Hey, that rhymes.  Anyway, Girl Person caught her breath and said she had no time to talk to us, that we were getting in the car.  We had other ideas.  We took off running with Girl Person screaming at us all. Yes, this went on an hour until we were finally caught, put in the car and Girl Person told us she had to get this pig.

You see, Girl Person thought that this was a pet pig, a pig discarded to fend for himself in this Florida woody place.  It wasn’t until the end of the day after many phone calls, research and crying that she found out it was wild.  Meant to be there…like the skin of her stomach left in the woods.

Girl Person? You can’t rescue everything.  Not every pink pig in the woods needs your help.  And please, get a bandaid. Your stomach is as pink as a pig. Oink!

-Digby Pancake


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