Sing A Song


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  When it’s Monday, I hear that the persons get all bent out of shape, kinda like an overcooked pancake. And don’t do that by the way.  But when Monday comes for me and Sheriff Brickle, it is happy time around here!  It means getting up earlier and hiking and napping and snacking and sleeping.  I guess it’s kinda like any day of the week.  So what is the big deal, persons?

Girl Person says that most people can’t work from home like our persons and that they have to go to work and sit there for a long time  Sometimes they have to answer phones and talk to mean people who apparently haven’t had enough pancakes or peanut butter cookies.  Sometimes they have to drive in their cars and people yell at them in traffic that can’t get home fast enough to get their pancakes or peanut butter cookies.  And so when Monday comes around, they don’t like it.  I am starting to understand a little better now.  So I thought I would cheer you up.

Wherever you are..right now…unless you’re in the bathroom, I want you to sing a song. Actually, if you are in the bathroom, you can sing it too.  Just put your pants on first.  Or don’t.  Doesn’t matter I guess.  And let everyone know that Monday is just another day to be thankful for.  When you are done with that work thing, I bet you have something to look forward to whether it’s a yummy dinner…or breakfast for dinner.  Now that’s an idea! And when those people are yelling at you on the phone because they haven’t ate enough pancakes, tell them that it’s ok by you.  You are going to sing a song.  Let’s do it.  Ready….go!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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