Corona, The Dog Walking Dog


Hello. This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Today, I want to tell you about my friend Corona, the dog walking dog.

You see, Corona passed away last week.  You may remember me telling you this on our Facebook page.  I knew Corona for a long time, but he had lived in our old neighborhood for  years even before I came along as Sheriff.

Corona was also a rescue dog and had a sister named Jackson who was a rescue too.  They are what you call dalmatians and their spots are totally cool.  They even allude law enforcement like me because the spots make me dizzy.  But you see, I want to tell you how cool Corona was…and still is in my book.  Even in my arrest book which is full by the way.

Our Girl Person and Boy Person had two furkids before me and Deputy Digby Pancake who were rescues too.  Skanky and Mr. Scotty.  Before you get all bent out of shape, Skanky had his name from jumping in the swamp all the time and Mr. Scotty was well..a Mr. in all respects.  I heard that these two gentlemen paved the way for me and Digby and so I thank them.


Corona and Mr. Scotty especially were very good friends.  Mr. Scotty had been left in our old neighborhood by people who had moved away.  Every day, Mr. Scotty would sit by the road waiting with a fused collar grown into his neck.  He wouldn’t our persons near him, but finally he gave up, they gave him a bath and he was there to stay.  He was an old man already, but he found new joy in his favorite toys…oranges.  And that’s when he met Corona.

Mr. Scotty wanted to walk.  He wanted to walk and be a part of the neighborhood.  So every evening, when Corona, Jackson and his Boy Person would walk by, Mr. Scotty would run from the orange grove or wherever he was to join them.  He didn’t bother them, but followed just a little bit behind. And Corona’s job was set.  Corona didn’t know it, but Mr. Scotty looked up to him and followed his lead.  Day after day, year after year, Mr. Scotty walked with Cornona. And Jackson.  And our persons never forgot their kindness in letting Mr. Scotty tag along.  It was everything to him.

When Mr. Scotty and Skanky passed away, our persons adopted us and you know our story from there.  We became friends with Corona and Jackson also.  And Corona was up in years.  When we moved away a few months ago, one of the things we missed was seeing Corona and Jackson.  We visited a few times since and our persons were able to tell Corona bye when they saw his cancer taking over.  And his persons have been sad, very sad.

But sometimes with sadness comes a newfound joy.  Corona’s persons decided that the best thing that they could do in Corona’s memory was adopt again.  And so this week, yes this week, they will be welcoming a new rescue.  They call him Milo.


They said they know it is sudden. They said that for them, it is best way to honor Corona’s memory. And we sure do agree.  Just like in our persons’ lives, one rescue dog started them on the path of adoption.  And it has continued with us…me and Digby. We know that Milo will be a gift…Corona’s gift to his new family. And for Jackson, who loves puppies so much, we hope that this will help her sadness too.  No, Corona will never be replaced.  Because it’s not often that you find a dog walking dog.  But being remembered is what he will be.  And Milo thanks him too.

We will always miss you and thank you Corona for being such a special boy.  And we can’t wait to meet your gift, Milo.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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