I Made It Out Alive


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I have a hangover.  Everyone has a hangover. That’s why this picture is so blurry and why no one is feeling up to par.  Par is a weird word that reminds me of pancakes since it starts with a p and and a and well, I am thinking that some pancakes in fact would make me feel better.

So last night was an explosion of the sky and all that is horrid in my world.  Loud noises, scary explosions, weird popping and it was enough to send me and even the Sheriff to bed early.

Girl Person and Boy Person tried to make us feel better.  To tell us that they were there to protect us and that it should only last a few hours. Well, that is no comfort when your world is coming to an end.  Sheriff Brickle called for backup, aka his stuffed rabbit with no face.  The rabbit was not scared because he already has no face and well, I guess the worse has happened to him already.  So that made us feel a bit better, that at least we had a face and we were calm for a bit.

That is when at midnight my friends, the popping and loud noises and whatever else there was got so loud that it shook our beach house.  Girl Person said enough was enough and drank her fourth glass of wine.   Yep, telling on her right now.  Cause I am not in a good mood! She said that it was a new year, a new beginning and that we were going to make it a good one and were gonna make it count.  Well, count this.  Eight paws and two rescue dogs are under your bed. And we will see you next year!

By the way, Sheriff Brickle says you are arrested for last night. And you know why.

Have a good day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

One thought on “I Made It Out Alive

  1. hello,Abbey & Tootsie

    I left a party, because I was so worried about Abbey..the firecracker,or bombs nutballs were igniting! Tootsie is too laid back and looking for FOOD to hear anything, so wasn’t worried about her big butt.
    But Abbey’s another story! I crumbled up Quiet Moments pills and mixed in her food..but SHE didn’t eat it!
    So, let’s see how long Toots will sleep this morning..Abbey & I are going for our walk. Happy,Healthy New Year..make girl person pancakes! She will appreciate them today!

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