Getting Better Together

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Have you ever noticed that when you help someone else that your problems seem smaller? I’ve noticed that.

When I was a stray dog, I was always worried about what I was going to eat next. I was worried about where I would sleep. I wasn’t sure what the future was for me. But I also worried about persons I saw. Like when Girl Person and Boy Person came to visit me in the shelter jail, I knew they needed help too.

I knew the moment and the second I met them that there was a reason for us to be together. I knew that reason was to get better together.

As I learned later, there had been many years of uncertainty for the persons. They were worried about Digby. They had to take care of him. They were very tired. And didn’t know how to go on.

I also knew I needed rest. A home. A day without worry. I needed Brickle although I didn’t know him yet. And he needed me. We all needed each other.

Now, I am in need again. I am not my best with my allergies and skin problems. I need the persons. And in turn, their focus is on me instead of sadness over Digby. Because they only have so much energy. All of our buckets are only so full with time. And thoughts. We have to focus on what we need to do and who is most important. For the persons, that is me and Brickle. And honoring Digby’s memory by taking care of us the best that they can.

By me needing help, I see they cooperate more. They talk more. They are concerned about me together. Everything is better.

And that’s such a wonderful feeling to be loved. And a wonderful feeling to the persons to try and help me.

Never underestimate the way we can help each other. The way we can be better together.

It may not be seen right away. But in time, your bucket will be full with blessings that come from helping someone else.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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