No Onion Pie For Me

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. There are a lot of things I want to learn. How to howl louder for dinner. How to stink more. How to get arrested less by Sheriff Brickle.

And how to make pancakes for myself. But making an onion pie? I don’t need to know that.

But apparently, the persons think it is a good thing to learn. They like to read about history and take us to places that stuff happened at.

So this past weekend, we went to a fall festival in Virginia with persons who apparently like to get dressed up and make things harder on themselves.

We watched them make salt in big pots. We watched them make clothes from flaxseeds and other hairs and such.

We watched them make food the way that they did a long, long time ago. Way before Brickle was born. And that’s many years.

We walked around the festival and I watched the persons talk about how life was long ago when persons were moving thru here. They had a lot of work to do just to do normal things.

It was sort of fun to listen to them. But I was more interested in what food they were making. They had all kinds of stuff on tall tables so we couldn’t reach it. And when Girl Person saw some recipes on their table, she told me that since they weren’t giving us any of their food, she would make it. And I got real excited.

Now. I can’t read. But I know when I hear the word pie, it should be a good thing.

That is, until the word onion is before the pie word. Onion. Pie? Well, that can stay in 1747 as far as I’m concerned.

Everyone knows that dogs can’t have onions. And Girl Person’s excitement over this onion pie recipe confused me. Why make something we can’t share? What’s the point in that. I was getting real irritable at this fall festival. And Girl Person knew just what would cheer me up.

She told me not to worry. She said on the back of the onion pie recipe were more recipes. And she even grabbed more off the table!

Now. I was interested in this! The olden days were starting to sound better. This learning thing wasn’t so bad.

Girl Person said when we learn about the past, we may not like all of what we hear. Some parts will be good. Some parts will be bad. It’s up to us to take lessons from history and to make ourselves better for it.

History is like our relationships with others too. We won’t like everything about everyone. We probably don’t even like everything about ourselves, unless we are Brickle.

But take the good parts from each individual and appreciate who they are!

Be a pie that you like. Leave out what you don’t. But make sure if you’re an onion pie, you keep to yourself.

Today, we are back on the road and headed to Cumberland Gap in Ewing, Virginia. If we don’t run out of fuel…maybe we should fill up on pie. Stay tuned!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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