I Got You

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever had a day when you are too happy?  You know.  You can’t contain yourself?  You are like a kid in a candy store.  A Girl Person in a winery.  A Brickle making an arrest.  A Digby at dinner.  Have you ever been that happy? Have you ever felt that good?

As you know, I have been pretty mouthy and howly lately.  But catch me around dinner time, and I tell you what, you haven’t seen nothin yet.  I go literally insane.  Girl Person says that every night is worse than the last.  She said all of Jacksonville, Florida needs ear plugs at this point if they aren’t all sold out around here.  But this weekend, I took the cake.  Or Girl Person’s eye if you must know.

I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you

There it was dinner time.  Girl Person had made us one of our favorites…pizza!  And well, I got a bit beside myself wondering what the toppings would be.  Pancakearoni?  I just couldn’t imagine.  She tried to sneak the food outside without me waking up so that it would lessen the barking time.  But you cannot sneak a pizza past Digby Pancake.  You might as well change my name to Digby Pizza.  I am that good.  You can add any name of food to my name…that starts with a peeee of course. Digby Potato, Digby Poutine, Digby Pasta, Digby Papaya.  Digby Poop.  Yes, that’s food to me.  I said it.


So when her sneaking food past me failed, I jumped up in amazement like I always do!  Dinner time, dinner time, dinner time!!  I get so excited that I can’t sit still, and Girl Person tried to put my collar and leash on me.  I tried to be good, but tried wasn’t doing it.  And as I threw my head back one last time to howl as loud as I could, Girl Person’s big old eyeball she has had since she was a baby person got clocked right about out.

When the clock strikes two, three and four
If the band slows down we’ll yell for more.

Now.  You would think that when your eye almost falls in a pizza and it doesn’t, that you would be thankful your eye didn’t fall in a pizza. Yet, Girl Person lost her mind, fell on the ground doing a person howl, Sherif Brickle arrested me, and she was a little bit perturbed.  But as she always does, she gets over it in about five seconds.  Good thing, because I had started my howling again. As she looked in the mirror and saw her black eye, she wondered if she should ever make pizza again.  And what were the toppings? I couldn’t tell you.  I ate it too fast.  And that was the only time I stopped howling.

Girl Person thought that perhaps we should take a walk to clear our heads, but as some others campers tried to talk to us, she felt the need to explain her appearance and eyeball.  She explained about the pizza, the howling, the arrests, and dinner time.  As the campers patiently listened to her story, the man camper person remarked that he had heard it all.  About a mile down the road.

IMG_3621.JPGThis information reaffirmed to Girl Person that not only was my howling about to get us kicked out of this place, but if everyone knew I was howling because pizza was so good, she was going to have a line at the door.  She said to me that she wished that she got that excited about anything lately.  And as usual, I said thank you.  Because one of the things that I don’t understand about persons is why they try to hide happy.  Why they try to hide excitement.  If something is good, even if it happens every day, feel it.  Embrace it .  Howl about it.  Don’t. Hide. It.

Girl Person? I got you good.  But you’ve got me.  We have each other. And even though we have not found a house and we have no campsite available here after this Friday, and  you are worried, I do know this.  There are five more dinners until then.  And I will still be excited about that.  Every day, every dinner should feel like you are experiencing it for the first time.  Try it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Blooming In The Desert

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  You know that I have been looking for a pancake tree for years and years.  I have not found one yet, even though we have been across the USA six times now.  And therefore, I believe it was highly unnecessary that we had to go to a desert where there are famous Joshua Trees, which in fact are not trees, and they are not pancake trees.


But.  We did.  We headed to Joshua Tree National Park this weekend.

Girl Person told us that that the desert would be very hot, and indeed it was.


Might I say it was so hot that you could fry a pancake?  And as we drove thru and looked at all the Joshua Trees, many cactus (yes, I know proper grammar is cacti, but that word looks weird) and hot sand, it became clear to me that this was a place that was unique and special.


It was special even though it did not have pancake trees.


If you have ever found yourself somewhere that you were not used to, like we felt in the desert, you might feel out of place. It also might take you a minute to realize that maybe, just for that moment, you are actually meant to be there.


Because as we gazed into the expanse of the desert and felt the calming peace of it surround us, we stopped.  We didn’t worry about taking a picture right then.  We didn’t worry about where we had to go tomorrow, or what time it was.  It wasn’t the place for that.  The desert is so overwhelming and majestic that it does not let you worry.  It makes you concentrate on your breathing, what is around you, and the feelings you have right then.  It makes you stay present.  Yep.  Just like a dog lives every day. In the moment.


Life is not easy for persons, and sometimes, they don’t end up in life where they want to be.  That is what Girl Person told us. Maybe they feel like they have the wrong job, or not enough money, or they worry about things that have happened to them, or things that will happen in the future.  And they may feel like they are in a desert with no chance of survival, or refreshment.  But did you know that when you find yourself there, it may be where you need to be just for a moment, even though it is hard?  You may have to really look to find what is wonderful in your life.  You may find just enough water to survive before you can carry on.  But when you find that water?  Oh, won’t it taste wonderful?  And you will remember your time in that desert.  And you will indeed remember its beauty and how you learned from its lessons.


Not all plants or trees can survive in a desert.  But the ones that do survive, well, they flourish! They bloom, they are beautiful.  And even though it doesn’t happen every day, the beauty is unmistakable when it does.

We are definitely not desert dogs, it is no secret we love the water.  But we wouldn’t have traded our time in Joshua Tree National Park.


First of all, we got to see a part of the country that is how is is supposed to be.  We saw nature able to live up to its potential. And although I didn’t find any pancake trees…still..the Joshua Trees, who only grow here, were just as sweet.  But yep.  They were a little prickly.

Joshua Tree National Park was medicine for our souls. Nature is such an essential part of life, and provides many lessons for us all…if we just breathe in what it is trying to tell us.  We have to be present to listen.

Today, we are headed out of this California place and on our way to Gila Bend, Arizona!  Who is with us?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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