The Day The Fish Went Berserk

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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some weeks you can’t win for losing. Some weeks, you don’t learn your lesson. Some weeks you wonder if nature has something against you. Or at least us.

Last night, we went to the lake at camp again. The same pretty lake that we had to say goodbye to the bird at earlier this week. We made sure not to go back to that same spot on the shore. You see, we didn’t want to be sad. So we took another route and saw another bird. All was good so far. But this time, this particular bird had something on the ground. And it was a fish. A very big fish. Now, when I say very big fish, this fish might as well have been a whale.

As the bird sat on the ground with the fish, the bird decided this whale was too big for it. It tried and tried to lift up the whale fish. But the bird kept dropping it. And finally, in a heap of defeat, it flew away. And decided to never come back. I guess it changed his mind. I can respect that. But not what happened next.

As we were left standing there, we saw the fish keep trying to jump and jump in the middle of the field. There was no one else around. And all of a sudden, Girl Person exclaimed, “oh, great. Fish? You’re going to make me save you, aren’t you?”

Now. Some may call Girl Person crazy. And I do. Because as she quickly looked on her phone to see how much time she had to save this fish, which was three minutes, she ran into the storm of fear. She had to act quick.

She quickly surmised she had one defense against a slimy fish. And that was a dog poop bag. She would put the fish in the bag and carry it to the lake. But the fish kept jumping. The bag wasn’t big enough, Digby was trying to eat the fish, and Girl Person was screaming.

She picked up the fish by the tail and yelled, “I can do this! I can save you. You’re not slimy! This is ok. Everything is ok!” And then she realized how heavy the whale was. And she had to put it down. And well. This was a race against the clock.

Right about that time, apparently, some other persons in a truck had been watching it all. And they stopped and just stared. No help offered. None. Girl Person yelled, “I’m trying to save a fish!! Do you have a bucket?” They just drove away. And we were left to save the whale. Seems to me, a truck could hold a lot of fish and maybe even a small whale. But what do I know? Everything.

Girl Person said, “this is it, boys.” She grabbed the fish by the tail and we ran with that whale to the lake screaming! We were so excited that we made it! She dropped it in and we waited. And he finally swam away. But now. The dog bag had fell in the water with the alligators and we couldn’t leave it there.

Girl Person found a stick and as she fished out the bag, she wondered. How many days do you throw a fish back in a lake and fish out a dog bag? Not many days at all. But we wouldn’t change a thing.

The problem is, in nature, it’s hard to know when to intervene and when to leave things alone. Would the bird have come back? He has to eat too. Should we have left the fish? But we couldn’t see it suffer. Certainly, things that happen in nature are harsh. But beautiful. They can even be pretty funny.

It’s up to us to take care of them and realize our place. But we all can keep learning. We know we have much to learn.

One thing we have learned is that dog poop bags may be good for many things. But not for picking up whales.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Somewhere Out There

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And guess what? Or as Girl Person says, “guess what, chicken butt?”. We found a campsite near Sedona, which is very good news. And that my friends is putting it lightly. Kinda like when I arrest you. I only say three words, and I say it lightly, but it is heavy. Dern heavy. And finding a campsite? Dern heavy. Dern hard.  Dern impossible. But we did it.  We knew there was a campsite out there!  Somewhere!

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, because that is what I do, that being nice gets you further than being not nice. Now. You may think to yourself. Self? When has Sheriff Brickle ever been nice? Well, first of all, You. Are. Arrested. Second of all, a Sheriff has to pretend like he is not nice to be able to arrest. And that is where my Deputy comes in. Deputy Digby can’t be anything but nice which is why he is a Deputy.


He provides my “nice backup” when the mean is overwhelming, just like my handsome. I have to be me.  I have to be a Sheriff to get things done.  That doesn’t mean though that I don’t see the need for being polite.  That doesn’t mean I don’t see the need for being kind. And that does mean I see the need to remind you.

Because when the persons were trying to find a campsite, they weren’t treated so nice.  They weren’t treated so kind.  True, sometimes, things just don’t go our way, or we sincerely can’t help someone like we want to.  But. This experience made them think.  Were they treating others how they wished to be treated all the time?  It’s easy to be nice to people with fur and four paws.  But were they being as nice as they could to others without fur?  Their answer was no.  They could do better.  And I agree with that.  I could get more peanut butter cookies in my allowance.


We all have things that we have to do everyday or that stress us out.  And we have to say that we are tired on the road.  We have saw the good in people, and the bad.  But if you stop and see that person who is in front of you and really think, you may have a little more tolerance and be more kind.  Because that person is someone’s kid.  That person could be someone’s parent, or aunt or uncle.  You don’t know what they have gone through in their life, or what has made them who they are.  It sounds simple as a dog, and I don’t know why persons can’t get it…but can ya just be nice? Someone…somewhere out there deserves for you to be kind to them today.  And for you to make a difference, and a start.  And an example.

Arizona?  You have taught us so far that the desert has its own beauty. But you better carry a lot of water to see its beauty.


You have taught us that the rattlesnakes here like to steal all the campsites as Digby explained yesterday. And you have taught us that we have a lot more to see of you.  We have arrived in Sedona, and we plan to have a great time here the next few days because some nice people reserved a campsite for us, even though they were full.  We get to visit a rescue called Golden Bones Rescue and Rehab who not only rescue animals, but rehabilitate them like Scamp here who will be with them forever.


So as you can see, this is a very different type of rescue.  A kind rescue. And we can’t wait to meet them on their farm.  Unfortunately, Scamp was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes and will require extra attention and ongoing medical care and donations to stay happy and healthy.  How very kind the persons are in Arizona who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference.  And since their name is Golden Bones, do you think maybe they have some peanut butter bones for me?

As Sheriff, you know that I always like to elaborate.  I mean, look at me.  My stripes and brindle beauty go on forever, and so does the depth of my knowledge.  Trying to find a campsite reminded the persons that kindness needed to be exercised more in the world.  The simple facts are often the hardest to remember and to put into action.  But if we all try, maybe kindness will return to us too.  Someone…somewhere out there today is loving you today too. It might be me, but more than likely Digby.

Are you ready for us Sedona?  Let’s. Do. This!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

We are pretty proud of our new shirt! We are about half way through our goal and we know we can do it! Thank you for all of your support of our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We couldn’t have made it to 41 states so far without you.