Who Invited Them To The Party?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. When was the last time that you received an invitation? Was it to a party where people get all gushy and say I do?

Was it to a party where they wanted you to buy stuff? That’s crafty…

Or was it to our campsite? Where all the action which means no action at all happens? No. I doubt that you got an invitation to that. Because I have no stamps. Apparently though, about a million trillion bugs decided that the party was at our campground in Dade City, Florida this week. And they were definitely. Most absolutely. Quite certainly. Not invited.

Some invitations may get lost in the mail. I get that. But I didn’t invite these party crashers like the gnats and the mosquitos because I can’t keep up with their kind of party. They never stop. Buzz, buzz, buzz. This isn’t an open bar around here.

And I didn’t invite Mrs. Orb Weaver. No. I didn’t invite her. But I actually wasn’t upset about her crashing. Because she was more of my party type. Hang out. Look pretty. Strong but silent type. Mrs. Orb Weaver.

She’s the kind of party crasher everyone wants. She doesn’t eat much and what she does eat she brings to the party with her web. And she has an air about her. Come too close and you’re trapped. Admire from afar. Remain a mystery.

Mrs. Orb Weaver was the talk of the campground and beyond. They heard about her. Her legend was spreading. So many other campers drove to our campground party from far and wide to see Mrs. Orb Weaver. We didn’t hire entertainment, but she was a hit. Every few hours, here would come another car pulling up to look and admire her. I wasn’t even jealous. Because it meant my party was a hit.

You see, you can have a party anywhere. Anytime. And you don’t need an invitation. Even by a dump with smelly things in the wind, this party was a hit for the time we were here. But it’s off to another party tomorrow because the party will be coming to a close.

The best part of leaving this time? Although we say goodbye to family, we have our Digby with us. And we didn’t think we would on Monday. So while you can party, party hardy. But don’t look for an invite from me. I still don’t have any stamps.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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