Comparison Is A Thief Of Joy

This is Digby Pancake. Have you ever taken something that doesn’t belong to you? I think you have.

No. I’m not talking about stealing that pancake mix from a grocery store.

I’m not talking about things. I’m talking about Joy. Have you ever stolen joy from a day by comparing a past you to the present you?

Lately, my energy is definitely not at the level it used to be.

But I’m trying to concentrate on how I can feel the best I can. Today. If I used my energy to dwell on the past me, my joy would be taken from the present me. And I need all the joy I can get.

Comparison is a dangerous thing. Comparison is wasted time. And who has extra time? None of us. Can it. Can the negative thoughts eating your time.

Consider the rescue horses we visited at the farm here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Some of them used to be show horses. But they were discarded.

However, I think they are more beautiful now . Because they are valued more now by people who wanted to help them and love them. Despite the problems that came too.

My guess is that maybe you don’t feel as beautiful as years past. But I think you are more beautiful. I see what you’ve overcome just like you see what I have overcome.

I keep trying because my joy has to be worked for today.

And my past can stay in yesterday. There’s no comparison to loving life. Live it. Love it.

Digby Pancake

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