I’m Not Scared Of Aliens. Only Singing Potatoes.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Somedays you wake up excited.  You think of all the possibilities that your day may hold for you.  Even on a Tuesday. But you probably never wake up thinking that you will meet singing potatoes.  And I am here to tell you that you don’t want to.

On this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we have met many people.  We have been to 44 states so far, and we have countless memories of places we have been and food we have eaten. Those are my favorite memories. We even met aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.  And although I knew they were trying to steal my pancakes and take over my brain, I was not scared.  I was not afraid.

So when the persons decided to take Sheriff Brickle and I to another museum in Idaho yesterday, we were ready to learn.  I have no clue though why people like to stand around and look at things when they could be eating.  And so the Idaho Potato Museum sounded great for us all.  A museum for the persons.  But potatoes.  Yes.  Potato displays.  Giant potato chips.  What could go wrong?


As we started walking thru the museum, I heard it.  Singing as bad as Girl Person’s hopeful yet short lived shower singing career.  And then I saw it.  Potatoes.  Those things I eat.  Those things that make potato pancakes and potato french fries and potato hashbrowns.  They were alive.  And here I thought I was a pogetarian.  You know, a potato vegetarian.  These things had faces?  I was distraught.

If there was ever a time to flee, this was the time.  But there was no way out of this place.  Everywhere I looked there was another display of a potato massacre that I apparently was a part of.  I was no real pogetarian! But as I looked at the Sheriff and saw the look of fear in his eyes too, I knew I had to step up as Deputy.  This was my time to shine like a glistening french fry dipped in maple syrup.  This was my time to forget my fear and get to eating. That is what I do.  That is how I do it.  It was time for a potato cupcake.   You heard me.  Potato.  Cupcake.

Did I feel bad about it? For a minute.  But when potatoes sing and try to scare you with their singing baby potato, you have to eat to feel better, and when in Idaho, I can only say that you have to have a potato.  Or five thousand.  Or a potato pancake. Or some waffle fries.


Aliens don’t haunt my dreams.  But I will never forget those potatoes.  Girl Person said that if we sleep with a potato cupcake under our pillows that we will be safe.  No, she didn’t say that, but I know that. It is only logical.  And when you are dealing with singing potatoes, you must be logical.


Idaho? The persons learned yesterday that The Russet Burbank is the best potato in Idaho.  They learned that one medium potato has about 200 calories.  They learned that Marilyn Monroe wore a potato sack.  They learned all of this while I was being traumatized by singing potatoes.

The persons also learned that potatoes were the first vegetable to be grown in space in 1995.  So that explains it.  Not afraid of aliens.  No, I am not.  Because they know how to grow potatoes.  And potatoes are delicious.  But aliens?  I would appreciate it if the singing potatoes stayed with you.

Ok, fans! Tomorrow we will be visiting with our Idaho picked rescue, Four Paws Adoption in Rexburg, Idaho!  They have wonderful adoptables like Skittles here.


We have a long drive to meet them, so make sure to tune in to our Facebook page on Wednesday to learn all about them.  Unless they have singing potatoes that need rescuing.  In that case, I’m out.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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