Playing Hooky

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s Friday, so you know what that means. It’s time for another day of Brickle and Digby’s Homeschool For Dogs!

I asked Deputy Digby Pancake what he thought we should cover this week for dogs besides our bones in the dirt.

Digby thought about what he wanted to teach.  He thought some more in-between napping and snacking and repeating the above.

He finally suggested that we forget about it this week! He said he was tired.  He said everyone was tired.  He said that all this bad news is taking everything out of us all. Even your dogs, because they know you are not doing your best right now. In fact, we know you’re losing it.  Just a little bit.

Digby said every now and then, and even more often than that, everyone just needs to play hooky.  

Digby said that the best thing we could do this week was let all the dogs at home know they are doing a good job cheering up their persons, and even more than that, by being an example.  How?  Today’s Homeschool For Dogs Lesson Is Why You Should Play Hooky!

Us dogs know how to relax, to play hooky whenever we need to.  Us dogs know that if your mind or your body is telling you that you are tired, you are tired.  Us dogs know that if we don’t rest and forget about problems, that they will seem even bigger. Sometimes, you have to play hooky.  And here is how we do it.

 Pay attention in class! It’s time to learn why you should play hooky.

1. Do you feel like you are running out of energy? Dogs know that the best things in life require energy!

Playing and eating and thinking about playing and eating come inbetween rest. And you have to rest to get energy back.

It’s time to play hooky! Throw your paws in the air like you just don’t care! 

2. Dogs are the most happiest when we have a job and we have a purpose.  So sometimes, it helps us to plan out how we can best do our job and to remember what our purpose really is. And you can’t plan while you are doing.  Be like your dog and think about it.  Think about it with a snack. Set goals for yourself when this is over.  But more importantly, set goals for yourself today.  What do you feel like doing today?

When you are playing hooky, you can do that.  Do you feel like cleaning? Clean. Eating? Eat.  

Calling a friend? Call them.  Watching TV? Watch it.  Sleep?  Go ahead and sleep. Listening to music? Listen and enjoy it.

It’s time to play hooky!

3. Just because you are at home more, that doesn’t mean that you are giving yourself self care. It’s like when us dogs are at home and you persons are busy doing your chores.  We may be there together, but we are not really there together. Our minds get busy doing other things, and now, your mind is probably busy worrying.  Alot.  Don’t forget that taking care of yourself means more than eating good.  Which is important.  But it means feeding your mind with the right things.  

Can you imagine if all I ever thought about was peanut butter cookies and not arresting like a good Sheriff does? Balance, my friends. Balance.  Find that balance by playing hooky.

If this Homeschool For Dogs lesson today seemed more like it was geared towards you persons, well, it was.  Dogs have learned long ago how to be happy.  Dogs have learned long ago to enjoy life.  We can find our happy spots.  We want you to find yours.  No, you may not be able to go where you want to right now.  We can’t either. But even if for a few minutes a day we allow ourselves to BE happy, to play hooky from all the badness going on, we will feel better.  Don’t feel guilty when you find that little spot of happy.  Finding happy doesn’t mean you forget what others are going through, or that you don’t care.  

But to continue being the best version of you that cares enough to put your thoughts and kindness into action, it will mean taking care of you.  And sometimes, playing hooky.

Class dismissed! Now go do what you want to! But stay home while you are doing it!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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