Once Upon A Time

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Let me tell you a story.  I am handsome.  The end.


I figure that you probably came here to read more, so as usual, I will elaborate, although there really is no book better to read than the story of my handsome.  But Girl Person says that probably, persons have books of their own all around them.  They just aren’t bothering to pick them up.  And we want you to know that you should.


Some persons may say that their life is no fairy tale.  They say that the good outweighs the bad.  But I have to wonder.  Do they really see the book that is written every day, all around them? Because the part they play in it is important…but guess what?  You aren’t the most important character in it.

You see, yesterday, as we were hiking through the woods, we took a few moments to really see what was around us.  Or who…

We have gotten to know these characters pretty well the past month or so as we have been parked here at Memaw Macaw’s house.  And we know what part they play in the book.  The alligators, the snakes, the squirrels.  The  mosquitos, the wasps who bit Boy Person yesterday, the hawks.  Then you have the ospreys, the seahawks and the trees.  They all have their own agenda.  Every. Single. Day.  You see, they go to work too.  They have things to do. And you may be speeding by, not even knowing that they are there.


It’s a shame, too. Once upon a time, we missed seeing them.  For many, many years.  There were stories all around us every day.


And yet, we felt like we were too important and too busy to take notice.  It was better than any movie we could watch, it was better than any tv show that was on.  Because this fairy tale was actually real, with real characters.  And yet, some persons don’t see them that way.  Some persons want to pretend that all animals are the same, that they don’t really have their own personalities. And that makes them matter less to them.  And what I say to that is you are pretending.  Pretending so that you don’t have to understand.  It’s kind of like when Deputy Digby sees an empty plate.  He wants to ignore the obvious.

Life isn’t a fairy tale…or is it?  In my humble opinion which is not so humble, we seem to write a book everyday that IS not real.  The things that distract us, that take our time away from the real characters around us is the problem.  We can’t get away from all the bad in the world, that is true. But choosing to concentrate on the good is like a preface to the novel that you can start reading today.  Once upon a time, when you were young, you recognized the good days.  The good things in your day.  Try to remember.

If you choose to ignore the characters like the alligator, he may bite ya.  Don’t let the bad news or the bad people bite you.  Pick up that book…the one that is happening around you today and actually read it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

P.S. We have a special tribute tomorrow to Boy Person’s home which we will be leaving on Monday. For good.  Stay tuned.


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