One Last Thing, Tennessee, Well…A Few.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and as Sheriff, it’s always business first for me.  So, today, as we are leaving the great state of Tennessee, it IS business first.  Because the recent fires have impacted this state so greatly, it is my duty to tell you how you can help. There is still much work to be done here, even though the fires have been put out.  The updated list of donation sites, including how to help animals is here.  If you find it in your heart to help one of these organizations on this Monday, we know they would appreciate it.

Tennessee is a beautiful state and so diverse with its scenery and people.  We very much enjoyed our time here this week, especially our visit to a very small rescue in a small community that is making big progress for its animals.  We think they are an organization that all rescues and communities should follow around the country, Dixie Pet Underground Railroad.  If you missed our interview with them, and Boy Person doing a very bad Elvis impersonation, you can catch it here.

Yes, we had some freezing cold temperatures and freezing rain for a few days.  But we know when we look back, we will laugh at how cold we were.  We will laugh in a warm place, though.  We also had a few days where we were so tired, we kinda made some mistakes.  Like going to a place called Rock City which was actually in Georgia, across the road from Tennessee.  Yep, I gave myself away.  We are losing it at this point.  We didn’t even know we were in another state until we went to leave, looked at the postcards we bought and saw they said Georgia.  33 states in one year, huh?  Well, with no breaks since day one, you kinda gotta give US a break.  Sorry about that though, Tennessee.  It took a day away from showcasing your beauty, but all was not lost.  Because, from the vantage point of Rock City, not only was my glory apparent, but 7 states could see me from there although the sign said WE could see 7 states.


However you want to put it, Rock City. But seriously though.  Why are you in Georgia? You. Are. Arrested.


We also got to explore some beautiful state parks and lakes and creeks.  We got to sit back and enjoy the view.  This trip, we have tried to fit so much in to each day that we realized we weren’t taking time to enjoy.  Truly enjoy.  So we appreciated where we were, the deer, the water.  Plus, the truth is we are pooped.  More pooped than Digby can poop, and that’s a lot.  Did I say that out loud?


So Tennessee? We thank you for your peaceful home this week at camp.  We thank you for showing that you can and will recover from the recent fires because your people are proud about where they live, and they should be.  There is not much more to life than the simple things.  Things that crowd our days up don’t matter in the end, do they?  We have been given everything we need by nature and places like Tennessee.  But it is up to each one of us to see it.  Although Digby apparently can’t see when he has ate all of his dinner and the crumbs off my plate too. By the way, the recipe for Tennessee Pulled Pork is up now for your dog here.  Digby liked it.


We thank Tennessee for the hospitality and truly wonderful time we had this week.


Now, today we are off to Alabama.  We have to split our drive up in two day segments because we have a total of 8 hours to get to Mobile.  As you know, this week is Alabama, our rescue visit is with Baldwin Humane Society and then?  Three weeks off in that Florida place!!!!  We are so excited after that to finish up the remaining 14 states on the trip.  Let’s do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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We Know, Tennessee.

This is Sheriff Brickle.  We sure are enjoying this Tennessee place.  It absolutely looks wonderful on me.  And that is a priority. I am sure you agree.


The sunshiney came out in a mighty big way yesterday, as did my attitude.  Sometimes, it is actually hard to get through the day when you look as good as this.  It really is.  And then, because Tennessee is so beautiful, it makes it even harder.


But as we are here in this Tennessee place, we want, and MUST stop for a moment.


It would not be fair to concentrate on just my beauty while we are here.  Because just a few days ago, this Tennessee place had a very bad fire.  Many lives were lost including people and animals.  Homes were lost.  Tragedy changed many forever.  And it is time to acknowledge it.  We are here Tennessee not just to enjoy your beauty, but we are here on state #33 on our Adventure Of A Lifetime to again showcase a rescue making a difference for your animals.


Although we are not near the fires because of health reasons due to breathing and driving hazards, that doesn’t stop us from showcasing a rescue making an effort here locally where we are near Chattanooga in a place called Cleveland, Tennessee. Because all animal rescuers have joined together to help where help is needed!  So today we are visiting a rescue called Dixie Pet Underground.  Look for pics and videos this weekend.  We also want to say that if you wish to donate to the Sevier Humane Society where many of the rescue efforts are being organized directly, you can do so here. 

So Tennessee?  We know.  We understand that you need help.  And we hope to learn more about how our fans can do so this week.  For now though, can we show your beauty a bit too?  Because you deserve it.  You are a wonderful place with wonderful people and beautiful scenery, and again, I am here.  So nuff said.


If you have ever wondered what perfection looks like, well, I don’t need to tell you I am it.  However, Tennessee has it all too.  Mountains, water, sunshiney, good food, good music and happiness despite its recent tragedy.  We love you Tennessee.  Let’s show your happy side! Anyone up for a drive?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Check out Dixie Pet Underground  in Cleveland, Tennessee for wonderful, adoptable animals like Marshmallow here!