Only The Lonely

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Digby is still on sick leave…worker’s comp…pancake therapy.  Whatever.


So I am writing to you again today.  I need a vacation, but I would have to buy two tickets to wherever we were going.  Because being lonely? Being without my law enforcement pawtner?  It is no fun.  No fun at all.

They say…and once again, I don’t know who “they” is…they say that you always have room in your heart for a new friend.  Well, Deputy Digby has always kept me pretty busy.  Deputy Digby has always scared new potential friends with his howl…and I have never complained about it.  Because he was all I needed anyway.  Who had time for anyone else? But now that he is on rest orders from the vet person, I do have a bit more time on my paws.  So I opened up my heart yesterday to an opportunity in front of me to make a new friend on my morning walk. Without. Digby.

I have never understood cats.  They act like they love you from a distance, but generally, don’t want you to get too close.  Well, maybe I do understand cats, especially this cat.  She was almost as pretty as me.

I tried to talk to her.  I tried to convey the fact that I could arrest her if I wanted to, but I was letting her go.  I tried to tell her that woof means meow in dog and that meow means woof in cat.  But all she wanted to do was purr and look at me.  She had no depth.  No philosophy for the day.  Not even a suggestion on where to get the best peanut butter cookies around here.  And I found my heart crying.  Crying that Digby wasn’t here to howl at her.  Crying in my heart that facts were facts.  A best friend is a best friend.  You can’t replace them.

As I walked away, with my handsome being tarnished by a lonesome teardrop, it occurred to me.  I was still able to walk back to Digby.  Things would get better.  And I had to focus on that.  Because sometimes, you don’t have an opportunity to see someone again.  Sometimes, the lonely is for good.  And I wanted to remember this feeling of appreciation for the Deputy on the days when he stinks so bad I want to jump out of the car window.  I wanted to remember this feeling for the times upcoming when he burps in my face, steals my eggies, or howls in my ear.  Yes, yes, I had to remember being lonely so that I would appreciate not being lonely.  He’s got my heart.  He’s got the title of my Deputy.  And my brother.  He’s got it.

So if there is someone that irritates you today, remember this.  You would be lonely without them.  How would your life be without them? We don’t want to think about stuff like that, but if we don’t, we won’t appreciate the now.  And cat?  You had a chance to be a Colonel Cat.  I could always use more on the force.  But you did not pass the interview.  And you. Are. Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Path Of Khaleesi Cat

Hello.  Meow. Hiss. All that good stuff.  My name is Khaleesi.  I am a friend or foe of Brickle and Digby.  Depends on the day.  I have only known these guys for a few months at camp, but I, because I am Khaleesi, have been tasked with breaking some news for you. Someone once said if cats could talk, they wouldn’t.  So not sure why I am being asked to write this blog today. So be it.  Hiss, by the way.


But here it goes.  Brickle and Digby’s path starts again by leaving this campground on Monday.  They are leaving this Florida place. Sorry to break it to you. But I understand why they are leaving.  Because I am also a traveling cat.  I have to travel.


It’s not that I don’t like my home.  But home is different for many people and animals.  Also, home can change.  One minute, you can like a house on wheels.  One minute, you can like a house made out of stone.  One minute, my looks can turn you to stone.


Cats don’t beat around the bush.  We hide in the bush and jump out at you.  Brickle, Digby and their persons are embarking on a new path Monday called “The No Path Path”.  Yes.  “The No Path Path”.  They are leaving this Florida place on Monday to hit the road again!  Why?  First of all, they did not find a home in this Florida place now that made them want to give up the Big Blue Treat Wagon and their freedom.  Secondly, because Brickle and Digby have given so much of themselves by working for rescues on the last trip, they wanted to make this new journey more about them.  And so…since Brickle has been in his absolute happy place for a few months now, it is that Digby Pancake fellow’s turn now!  His happy place?  It is the woods.  The mountains.  The mountain air.  And so Monday, the persons are first headed to Savannah, Georgia.  The second stop will be Charleston, South Carolina.  And then…they said that they will write and inform me of the rest.  But for the rest of the year, it is about the boys. Everything is usually about me in my neck of the woods, so I am confused about this.


Brickle told me that on the last trip, “48 States, 48 Rescues” focused on people doing great things for animals across the country.  This trip?  They are going to focus on the animals they meet along the way! They will be posting to social media sites pictures of rescue dogs or cats they meet and their happy stories!  #TailsOnTheTrails will be part of their path.  The “No Path Path”.


How far, you may wonder do cats like me, domesticated cats roam normally?  Males usually go about 1500 feet away from their home, while female cats are less curious – they walk approximately 750 feet away from home.  But not all cats, not all dogs, and certainly not all people fit a mold of what is expected of them.  Probably, Brickle did not expect that I would scratch him and leave one of my claws in his nose last week.  That was meant for Digby, by the way.  But all in all, expectations can certainly get ya.  And as  Brickle and Digby’s persons really thought about what they wanted to do, at least for the rest of the year, they knew that their path to a house without wheels was not happening just yet.  And that was ok.  At least not for now.  So they got on another path to happiness.  They are preparing that Big Blue Treat Wagon RV to make sure it lasts for a little while longer, and packing up all the treats.  I offered for Brickle and Digby to borrow some of my dresses for the trip, but they declined.  I was also arrested.  Whatever that means.


I will certainly be joining them on this new journey in spirit.  As I told them, from the very beginning of my life, I loved traveling.  I am only two years old, so I have more traveling to go.  I came from the North Georgia mountains, so I hope that I can go visit there too one day.  I am a little jealous that they get to walk in the streams and hear the creeks.  I know that this may not be the path they thought they would take, but I think it is wonderful.  Even though I am only two years old, I know that others don’t often see their lives as others do.  I hope that they can have the funnest time ever, making a difference by showing that rescue animals can have a wonderful life after they are rescued.  Making a difference the Brickle and Digby way is by example.  And I will miss them and scratching Brickle’s nose.  But who knows?  Their paths may lead them back here next year.  That’s the beauty of life when traveling.  You never know truly where your paths may lead you.  You can get directions, but if you get lost, you may end up somewhere amazing.  Are you ready to hit the road with them again?


I have a feeling that some surprises may be along the way.  Will it be a place to call home they find?  Will it be an exciting destination?  A break down?  Oh, yes, that is happening. But one thing is for certain.  The persons love Brickle and Digby.  The persons want them to enjoy life as individuals, just like I am.  And for now…this is the best thing to do.  The “No Path Path” may not be a specific place to travel to.  But this time, it’s about the journey.

The path of Khaleesi the cat may be different than other cats.  I may be different than other cats.  But isn’t being different the best ever? Some may not understand Brickle, Digby, and their persons’ decision, some may.  But one thing that everyone can agree on is that whatever path we each take, it is up to each of us to make it great.  And this is going to be great.  Traveling dogs have to travel.  Beautiful cats have to be beautiful.  Nuff said.

Thanks for letting me break the news.  The “No Path Path” and #TailsOnTheTrails begins Monday. Perhaps we will talk again, but not sure I care if we do.  Meow.  Hiss.


-Khaleesi, The Traveling Cat

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