A Fool Such As I.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, it finally happened this week.  It had to be done.  Everyone. Is. Arrested.

You know, I am a go with the flow kinda guy.  Actually, that would be Deputy Digby.  I am an arrest the guys that go with the flow kinda guy. And after the past few weeks, we have had, well, I was trying to hold off on the arrests because first of all there were too many, and I didn’t feel like doing a lot of paperwork.  Then, it gets to a point when you just throw your paws up in the air and say to yourself, self?  Am I a fool?  Did I not think that I should have arrested everyone to start with?  I should have, and maybe we wouldn’t have been in the situation we got ourselves in yesterday.  Fooooolish.

Now and then there’s a fool such as I

You see, we had a pretty uneventful few days at Crater Lake National Park, and I got a bit complacent in my Sheriff duties.  We had a great time there, and I let down my guard.  Fooooolish.

And since the persons are so tired at this point, they are making errors in judgement.  Like when Digby thinks he can eat that whole stack of pancakes when he can actually eat two stacks.  You see, they had a bright idea that we could find a camping spot in this Oregon place on a Thursday in a remote area.  I mean, they thought, how many campers would be there?  How many people love to be in the great outdoors in this Oregon place?


They also thought, hey…let’s not look at the map very well and drive this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV all the way through the Redwood Forest swishing around bad diesel we have had in this thing from two states ago.


I mean, that wouldn’t be foolish, right?  Or…how about let’s have to drive thru California and then have to say goodbye to it 10 miles later?  Pardon me for being a little, well, irritable.  I guess I am being fooooolish.

I mean, Girl Person hasn’t stopped talking about and missing California since we left five years ago. And then finally, the day we get there, we say goodbye, cause we still have a rescue to visit in Oregon.  We aren’t done here yet.  Who is in charge here?

Pardon me, if I’m sentimental
When we say goodbye
Don’t be angry with me should I cry
When you’re gone, yet I’ll dream
A little dream as years go by

Did I say at the beginning of the week that our family had to give each other a break and be patient? Well, I arrest myself for saying that.  After you drive five hours with no organic peanut butter to be found, you get a little testy.  After you break down, you get a little testy.  But as usual, we pulled it all together.  We sat on the side of the road and looked at each other.  What would we do?  Here it was, near 5 pm and where would we go? As Boy Person fixed the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV again, Girl Person called around, yelling into her phone because she only had one bar of cell service and we found a campsite.  For one night.  One night never sounded so good.


We could rest and I could write some reports.  And on everyone’s report, including yours, because I know what you did this morning, my stamp is stamped hard and in charge.  YOU. ARE. ARRESTED.

So here we sit, in Brookings, Oregon this morning.  And I have one thing to say after the first thing I have to say now.  First off, I hear the ocean is here.  And it is calling my name.  Second, we have no food and no produce because that California place confiscated it like Deputy Digby confiscates all clean air around him.  So first off, we need a campsite.  Second, I need the ocean.  And third, we need to visit a rescue next week.  Work with us here, Oregon place.  You are beautiful, you are important.  But seriously.  I won’t be a fool anymore today.  The first thing that goes wrong, you know what is happening.

Stay tuned in to our Facebook page today for updates! Or your report will have an addition…namely, no parole.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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