Putting The Brakes On It

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’m pretty sure that dogs could fix just about any problem if we were given the right tools.

However, I think that dogs work hard enough. So we would rather get our entertainment from watching the persons try to fix things. Brickle has told me that Boy Person has plenty of practice fixing things like the Big Blue Treat Wagon they used to drive around in. Sorry I missed that.

Hey. But at least I get to watch Boy Person fix the breaks on the car we are borrowing today. He has a lot to fix and a lot of parts to buy.

But he says it costs less of that money stuff for him to do it. And also, Brickle and I get to watch today.

Boy Person is having a lot of experience with brakes lately. Yesterday, he had to put the brakes on that Depression Monster from getting Girl Person. So we went hiking again to a waterfall. Waterfalls seem to fix a lot too lately. Imagine if persons and nature worked hand in hand to make the world better.

Life seems to be trying to get us down lately with problems in getting to that Italy place. And yet, we keep fixing. We keep figuring out. We keep going in that direction. We really want to get on that plane!

We are putting the breaks on giving up. We can’t do that.

So Boy Person will take today to get our transportation safe while Brickle and I take the day off. I’m learning it’s ok to regroup and to organize and actually to stop and think once in awhile. Sometimes putting the brakes on it isn’t so bad.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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