Why You Need To Stay At This Dude Ranch Called 74 Ranch With Your Dogs


We received free accommodations for an honest review for dogs and their persons. But all opinions are our own.

Spending a few nights at a dude ranch was not on my list of travel destinations with dogs.

But mostly, this was because I didn’t know such a place existed. I wish I would have known earlier.

Because we would have made this a yearly, family trip!


A unique bed & breakfast and working ranch in the North Georgia Mountains.


As we were traveling thru the North Georgia area, I decided to research unique destinations to stay at with my dogs.

We needed something new to experience. And as we are inbetween moves, the typical vacation rentals have been getting old.

We like to learn and to have a true experience everywhere we go.

And if you are looking for unique accommodations that will welcome you and your dog, and come with a home cooked breakfast, look no further.

Start heading to Jasper, Georgia to stay at Seventy Four Ranch Bed and Breakfast!

Brickle and Fruitycake’s Top Likes at 74 Ranch

  1. Room to roam off leash in a fenced in area. As long as other visitors like dogs too, and it is always nice to ask, your dog can hang out outside overlooking the pasture. Brickle’s favorite spot to lounge was on the front porch of the main house. He felt right at home.
  2. Hearing the cows and all of the sounds each morning as the sun goes up at the ranch. It is like stepping back in time into an old Western movie!
  3. The dog friendly accommodations are simple and comfortable. There are no distractions like TV to take time away from being with your dog.

The Persons Top Likes At 74 Ranch

  1. Breakfast with a history lesson. Since we are vegan, there are not many choices when it comes to eating out. And when we heard that our accommodations came with breakfast, I was sure that we would be left out. But Pam did not disappoint. She made us vegan waffles, fruit and wonderful coffee. I don’t think that I have ever had a waffle that delicious. Although dogs are not allowed at breakfast, it gave us an opportunity to learn about the ranch and its rich history undistracted. Since our dogs were close by, we didn’t have to worry about rushing back. And it was nice to spend some time with Pam and finding out how much she loves this place and who lived here before.
  2.  My dogs were happy. Dogs know when they are welcome. Dogs know when others like them. And they felt content as soon as we arrived. They also had plenty to keep them busy like watching the horse and cows, and even taking a truck ride in the pasture to a creek!
  3. We liked having our own space in the Overlook Suite. There was a balcony where the dogs could look out over the pasture every morning and evening. We truly felt at peace here.

There is a main house at Seventy-Four Ranch and also cabins.

The cabins are pet-friendly, but the house is left to the two leggers. We think that is great!

We have four unique cabins, and four guest rooms inside the historic Butler-Cape House (pre-1850.) Combo rates for two or more rooms or cabins are available. All lodging is priced per room, not per person and it includes a hearty breakfast served in the Butler-Cape House.

The house should have its history protected and the items inside could easily be damaged by a dog..yes, even our well-behaved doggos.

Seventy-Four Ranch is deeply embedded in Cherokee, Civil War and Moonshine War events. It sits on Cherokee land, it’s within site of the “Scarecorn Church Massacre” that stems from the War Between the States. And the Butler-Cape House was home to one of the most famous North Georgia lawmen, Lee Cape, who destroyed corn liquor stills during Prohibition, while some of his sons were making moonshine on our property. Our lodging is filled with rare antiques and artifacts. We use them in our story-telling.


We prefer being more at ease in the cabins! And your dog will too! We stayed in the Overlook Suite and it did not disappoint. With a balcony to overlook the pasture and plenty of room for us all, we were quite comfy.

When you take a trip, you and your dog should have a story to tell afterwards. And you should feel better for the experience.

Head to Jasper, Georgia with your dog to step back in time and to meet new friends.

We want to thank Pam for her stories and welcome and wonderful breakfast. We want to thank the horses and cows for entertaining us and making us feel at home.

And we want to thank Manny for his brilliant horse riding skills and for taking us on an epic truck ride with our dogs we will never forget!

Make reservations by calling:

Seventy-Four Ranch
(770) 547-8580

9205 Highway 53 West, Jasper, GA 30143-2922

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