Comfort In Having Friends Near By

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  We haven’t told many people, but the last two weeks, we have been parked at our friends’ property.  

We needed a break after so much traveling the last few months.  

And since Girl Person hasn’t been feeling so good and the Depression Monster has been taking up room, it was a good time to park it.

Girl Person says that when her dad person, who I call Gandpa wanted to talk to her, he would tell her to park it.  I am going to have to start using that.

One thing I have learned is that there is great comfort in having friends near by.  And another thing I have learned is that you don’t necessarily need to talk every day, or see them every day, but just knowing that they are there is sometimes more than enough.

I feel that about you.  I know I haven’t got to meet most of you who have been reading this blog for 11 years.  But I find great comfort in knowing you are there.  And I hope you find comfort in knowing I am here.

We are going to leave this New Jersey place tomorrow.  And we are going to head to that Florida place.  

We would like to see our families. We would like to make some decisions and make some moves…but we aren’t quite sure yet what that is.


But knowing you are there is a comfort to me. Knowing wherever we go, you will be there, is a comfort to me.  Decisions aren’t always easy.  

But not making decisions is easy.  But it is not helpful. It is not healthy.  And we have put off some things long enough.  It is time to follow our hearts.  And you are in ours.

We get back on the road tomorrow and hope you will come along. It has been so nice being with friends. The good mornings and the good nights and the in-betweens we will miss here. But it is time to see family. It is time to go forward. Wherever that is.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

5 thoughts on “Comfort In Having Friends Near By

  1. Sherry Clardy

    Girl person you are so special in my 💜. I hope that the sunshine state will help you feel all warm and fuzzy INSIDE and out!!!
    Those pup bros can ditch their sweaters and toboggans and swim around with the fishes at the beaches there!!! Have fun be safe and keep us with you as you travel! 💙❤️🐕‍🦺🐈

  2. Andrea Young

    Glad to know you’re heading to Florida for some of that Sunshiney that’s there! Wishing and praying for safe travels and happy trails! Thank you for letting us come along with you for this journey!
    Love all four of you guys! 💙💙💜💙

  3. Robin Farnell

    Good morning Brickle and Fruitycake glad you all got to hang out with friends. Family and friends are the glue that holds you together. Safe travels for you on your way to Florida

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