Where Were You Born? Where Did You Live?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon.  I never heard of this West Virginia place before we got here.  Actually, to be honest, and I am always honest except when I am pretending to go to the bathroom in the rain, I didn’t even know what a Florida place was.  That is where I was born.  And that is where I was.  But I just knew I was there and I didn’t know there was anywhere else. Until I started moving around with the persons and Brickle all of the time.

I suppose that everyone is born somewhere.  You would be surprised all of the signs that we see that say “so and so lived here”.  “So and so was born here.” And yesterday, we saw another one of those signs.  It said a person named Bill Withers was born on a street we were on.

I didn’t know who Bill was.  So the persons played me some tunes.

I love those tunes. In fact, Girl Person said Digby did too.  She said he loved music.  I do too.  And I didn’t meet the Bill person.  But I know he sure was talented and all of these years later, he still makes even dogs happy.  But I wondered to myself, did Bill know he wanted to play music when he was born on this street in the West Virginia place?  He only lived there until he was three and then he moved.  He moved far away later on to make his music.  So he was born on that street. But he did more living other places.  Like me.

Where were you born? Do you live there still, or have you moved around?  Some persons are content to stay in one place I am told.  And I would have been too if I would have had a good life.  But a better life moving and seeing new places is how I live now.  So even though I was born in the Florida place, I will live many more places.  Like Bill.

There is nothing wrong with staying where you were born if that makes you happy! That is so nice to be happy where you are from.  But if you feel stuck, remember, that your life is meant to be lived in the place or places that make you happy.  Fulfilled.  Better.

I am happy that Bill decided to make his music.  I am happy he followed his dreams. I am sure he would have never imagined the impact his life would have when he was on that street.

Have you realized your full potential?  Have you lived? Life is more than being born in a place.  Everyone has that in common.  What is special is living.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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