The Three Shells

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Days go by fast, don’t they?

Walks go by fast too. Unless you miss your brother Digby Pancake. Then the walks drag on, because you just want him to be with you. Yes, I am talking about me. Me missing Digby.

Thursday night, Digby got sick again. Very sick. And he has not been able to do much.

He has not been able to walk much. So after Digby is settled and comfortable, I take a walk with Girl Person to the beach. But it just doesn’t feel the same. I try to put on a smile, because it seems like what Digby wants me to do. Because he told me to do that.

But honestly, smiling isn’t enough. So I decided a way to let Digby know that we were missing him on our walks every night was to pick up a shell from the beach.

So far, I have three missed walks with my brother. So I have three shells.

Do you miss someone? If so, do they know that you miss them? Sometimes we take it for granted that others know we love them and that we miss them. We may think that a text is enough. Or a quick phone call.

But just like we have to always feed our body, we have to feed relationships too. And on that note, I hope Digby gets back to eating soon.

We never, ever know what tomorrow brings. And as we all get older, it seems like a roller coaster ride. Some days you may feel good. Some days you may feel bad. Some days you may wonder if you can go on. But if you know that someone misses you, and that someone loves you, it gives you that extra motiviation, doesnt it? Can you be someone’s motiveation today?

Digby is still pretty feeling lousy. But we know that he knows how much we all love him. He knows how much we all need him. He still smiles here and there. He still is stubborn. And one of his sore points right now? He is pretty upset we had to move from campsite 165 on friday. And he keeps trying to take us there.

Well, guess what, Digby? We have to move back to site 165 today until Friday. And then we have to move again. Because next Monday, we will be helping build some horse stalls for the rescue horses at Celestial Farms here in this Jacksonville, Florida place. If you are in the area, can you help? If not, can you share our fundraiser? We sure would appreciate it. I will pick you up a shell…

Thank you all for your get well wishes for Digby. It means so much to us. And we love each and every one of you.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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