What You Need To Know May Be What Someone Else Needs To Know

This is Digby Pancake.  There is simply something that you need to know today.  I appreciate you.  I love you.  I am so happy that you are in my life.

You know I am an emotional kind of guy.  I like sappy movies. And I cry over them.

I cry over melted ice cream, which is why I eat it so fast.

And when it comes to telling others how I feel, I don’t hold back.  Why would anyone hold back? Something so good that you feel needs to be said.  And it feels good to say it.  It is not being weak.  It is showing love.

And we all need and like to feel love.

Just like you want someone to tell you how much you mean to them, maybe they need to hear it too.  It is easy to get caught up in our own lives and think that we don’t have the time to express our feelings. But we do.  We really do.  Expressing feelings is as natural as breathing. Why fight it? If you are quick to anger, be quick to love instead.

So many times, others tell me how much Brickle and I mean to them. The fact is, you need to hear that you are important to us.  Many of you have been so kind to us. Many of you have our hearts.  Many of you, in fact all of you, have a place in our family. You are our family.

And I feel that you need to hear it today more than a story about travel. Or places we visit. Or anything else.  I follow my heart.  Now you follow yours. Share your love today with someone that needs it and maybe they will pass it on too.

We are on our way to Alabama today…then Georgia the next day! And tomorrow, we have a special video on our Facebook page! Don’t miss it!

-Digby Pancake


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