Ticking All The Boxes

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s one thing I attract. And that is everything. And everyone.

But Digby Pancake? He attracts the ticks. You might call him a tick hound. But he is a foxhound. No difference to me. 

We went hiking in this California place and we didn’t know…we didn’t know it would be so peaceful.


We didn’t know it would be so beautiful.

We didn’t know it would have such diverse views.

You might say it checked all the boxes. Or it ticked all the boxes.

Because no more than halfway thru our hike. Digby had ticks on his head. His paws. His belly. His everything.


And Boy Person? He felt them too. Crawling on his head. Crawling in his shirt. Crawling in his pants. And all of a sudden, he had had enough. He knew the only way to find all the ticks was to take off his pants. And he had to do it.


We are not fans of pants. But persons are usually required to have them on. No shirt? No pants? No service. Except if you’re a tick. Order up!

Not everything we do can always tick all the boxes of a perfect time. But if we forget about the good parts and focus on the bad, your memories won’t be as good. Except if you remember Boy Person taking off his pants.

That ticked all my boxes.

We are back on the road today. If you missed yesterday’s blog, we are headed back to that Georgia place to see the Camping World folks and then coming back to California! We have a lot of driving to do! Are you with us?

Peanut Butter Brickle

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