Now That Is Spicy

This is Digby Pancake. Sometimes. I feel spicy. Real spicy.

Something has come over me lately like a hot tamale.

I feel like I need to speak up more. Bark up more for what I want. Not everyone can read my mind like Girl Person. So I feel the need to express my emotions.

My emotions usually always include being hungry. At breakfast. Lunch. And dinner. And all the in between meals that persons haven’t given a name to. So yeah. I figure if I don’t speak up in a spicy way, they won’t know what I want when I want it. Is it hard for you to speak up?

Yesterday, we started more of our journey back to that Georgia place again. We get to do something special with that Camping World place next month. So we have to make our way there. And so we make our way out of our favorite place, that California place.

The person’s goal was to make it to Kingman. Arizona. It’s still hot here. It is still real spicy. But not as spicy and outspoken as the desert we drove thru. That desert was speaking up. It was saying it was hot.

It was saying we had to pay a paw and a leg for fuel.

And it tried to get me all spicy too. I speak up when I am not in perfection mood. I needed more air conditioning.

And I’m so so so so so glad our Cherry Truck has air that works!!

You see, you don’t have to always just speak up when something is wrong. But you should speak up when something is right.

Being able to express ourselves is a gift! Whether it’s thru talking. Making music. Painting. Writing. Cooking. It’s all about adding your spice to life! Don’t waste an ounce of your spice.

We will be in Kingman, Arizona until Thursday. Then we make our way to an out of this world location for the long weekend. Stay tuned!

Digby Pancake

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