By Accident

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Girl Person was instructed to type with one hand today so that my story could be told correctly. Because I can’t use one of my paws very well.

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Yes. Some days, accidents happen. And they happen in bundles. Kind of like a value meal. Supersized. With extra accidents.

There I was. Pretending like I could run as fast as I used to. And that dog park at camp was big.

The weather had a chill in the air. And well. I must have ran too fast. I hurt my foot. And it hurt pretty bad. I was embarrassed about it. And then I saw how concerned Girl Person was about it. So I had a plan to use this to my advantage. Those extra treats were calling my name. Loud.

And so as I put on a bigger limp, Boy Person was busy moving the Big Blue Treat Wagon. You see, we had to move campsites. One spot over. Someone really wanted spot #9. A lot was happening, y’all.

It seemed like a simple enough move. Although inconvenient to move all of our stuff, it had to be done. And we were thankful we even had a spot for the weekend. I had a good seat to watch the going’s ok with my hurt paw. And extra treat magnet. That’s my paw. That’s it’s new name.

And as we were setting up, getting our electric back on, and water back on, Boy Person told Girl Person that the pipe looked a little broke. He said he should tell someone that it was leaking and that eventually, it was going to break. And you guessed it. That eventually was right then.

Because as he turned on the water, the water turned on him. Like a nightmare.

Like a water park.

Like a Las Vegas fountain.

Except Boy Person was the star of the show. A wet show. A real wet show.

As the water gushed out of the pipe with a furious anger aimed right at the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, he screamed for Girl Person to call someone as he tried to lessen the deluge’s rage. She ran inside and as she finally found a number to call, the person almost fainted who answered the phone. They thought someone had expired with her exclamations of “we have an emergency in site 10”!!!

It seemed like forever until someone came to see what was happening. Now, other campers were running over with wonder.

These attraction goers had tips of how to find the shut off valve. Someone had a pair of pliers. But all Boy Person asked for was a plunger! Girl Person ran to get it out, but as Girl Person usually does in emergencies, she moved in slow motion as Boy Person cried out for this prized plunger.

She finally handed it to him and he pressed against the deluge to stop it. All the while, my paw was still hurting. Sheriff Brickle had given up his post to watch all the action. And Boy Person was taking a shower. In front of everyone.

As the operator of the shut off valve finally found it, we all stood there in a puddle of wonderment. How had this happened? What was going on with all the accidents of the day? Should we just go back to bed? Seems like that is what everyone wants to do on bad days.

But by accident, sometimes you find out that the day has other plans for you. It’s not meant for a to do list. You just have to get thru it with a sense of humor. And hope that you can laugh about it tomorrow.

As tomorrow came, we dried out and I rested my paw. Do I feel all better? No. But I’m getting there. Do I need to take it slow this week? Yep. My treat magnet paw is going to be busy. And Boy Person? Yes. He might catch a cold from being a water park attraction. But one day, he will realize that he saved the day. He’s my hero. And that’s not by accident. I choose for him to be.

We all have accidents. Things happen in our lives that surprise us. The eventually sometimes comes now. So do what you want to today. Don’t be caught in a deluge of regret.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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