The Salty Dogs

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You know I am in my happy place.  You know I love the beach.  But even when you are content and happy, you have to be yourself.  And I am feeling salty.


Salt isn’t good for dogs. I get that.


But tell that to Digby Pancake who is acting salty every day here.  He seems to think that trying to eat the same barbecued rib half buried by the trash is ok. He seems to think that fighting with Girl Person about it every night is ok.  Salty. Salty. Salty.  But seems to me the logical way to solve this is to walk on that side of the street, Girl Person.

Salt may not be good for me either. But as I have got older, I know longer want to walk in the same direction every day. I also do not want anyone to talk to me while I am lounging.


I also don’t like the sound of strollers on the road.  Or the sound of jet skis.  Or kites. Or bugs. Did you hear that?


Girl Person says that as we get older, we get a bit “seasoned with salt”. And she says that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We have just decided what we want. She says that being salty is ok with her as long as we don’t make her fall in the trash by that barbecued rib in the dirt.

Have you embraced your saltiness? You may not be everyone’s taste. But are you truly enjoying what you want to enjoy?


When we are ourselves and where we want to be, being as salty as we want to be, with discretion of course…life is a song! A salty song!

Some may wonder why we are still in this Florida place and when we are leaving. When will we be back on the road?

But some may wonder if we left, why we were already gone. You can’t please everyone, so I am just gonna be happy where we are!

So my advice? Leave the salt shaker on the table and let others use it as they wish. Digby says he prefers other condiments.

Sometimes, we have to embrace our saltiness and feel what we feel when we feel it.  Dance if we want to dance. Sit if we want to sit. Be where we want to be.  If you feel like singing, sing!

The only taste that matters is your own. Embrace it! Be a salty dog!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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