A Penne For Your Thoughts

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever felt like you were in a tube of sorts? All alone and different? Like maybe you felt like you didn’t fit the mold? Like maybe you smelled like mold? Oh wait. Maybe that’s just me.

Life is not like a box of chocolates for me. I’m not allowed to have that.

Nope. Life for me is like a bowl of penne. You know. That tube shaped pasta.

Sometimes I feel like penne. Like everyone wants me to be spaghetti. Brickle is bit like spaghetti, in fact. Long. Soggy attitude. Did I say that out loud?

Sometimes, I want to be spaghetti, because everyone knows spaghetti. No one usually asks for that bowl of penne. Sometimes, I feel like I’m trying to be the good boy. The spaghetti that everyone wants.

As Girl Person was making us dinner last night, I was excited to see that we were having my one of my favorites. I don’t even think I have an unfavorite. Yep! We weren’t having spaghetti! We were having penne!

I felt like it was as appropriate as a dinner could be for this night. It was about to rain and the RV slideouts were going to have to come in again, and shut us up in that tube.

So penne it was! If there was ever an award for the bestest pasta on a rainy day, this would have been it. I felt like I was living the life!

You see, penne may not be everyone’s cup of marinara. It may be shaped odd. It may be out of the norm. It may not even be easy for some to pronounce. But there is a place for it and perfect day for it. Just like me.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be yourself. We all want to be liked, don’t we? But remember that no matter who we try to pretend to be, our hearts know who we truly are.

A penne for your thoughts? Who are you trying to be? Is it who you want to be? Penne or spaghetti, there is no wrong way to the dinner plate. Just hold your sauce and spice it up!

You’ll never fit into everyone’s idea of perfection. But you can fit into yours.

Deputy Digby Pancake

One thought on “A Penne For Your Thoughts

  1. Sally fowles

    Always be yourself. We have all fallen in love with your beautiful selves….you teach us so much. I adore you. ❤️

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