No Beans For You!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Welcome to this Idaho place!  It is about time we got here!  State #44 on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Girl Person is feeling better today, and I have really been looking forward to getting some hashbrowns here to go with my pancakes.


Idaho?  I’m hungry. Now, I realize that Idaho probably has more about it than potatoes.  But uh yeah, I can’t really think about anything else right now.

The possibilities are endless this week.  Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato chips, french fries, oh Idaho!  I can’t take this.  I am so hungry that I might wither away.  Where can I get some potatoes…like now?

The persons like potatoes.  In fact, Girl Person’s favorite food is french fries.  And she is feeling better already just thinking about it! But last night, when we got to our campsite in Idaho, the persons decided they wanted some tacos. Have you ever had one of those days where everything doesn’t go as planned?  Idaho didn’t want us to have tacos.  Because as Girl Person tried to open up her cans of beans for the tacos, the can opener, well, broke.  In half.  About that same time, the slide outs on the RV wouldn’t work.  And then a beaver ran past the RV and all heck broke loose as I started howling at the beaver, the broken can opener fell on the floor and we felt like we were in a tin can because the slide outs wouldn’t open.  You do NOT eat beans in Idaho. Nope. You do not.

As Girl Person stood there and looked at the broken can opener and the beans mocking her from inside their can, she asked Boy Person if they had an emergency can opener.  This did seem like an emergency in fact.  Well, Boy Person really likes tacos, and he was determined to find a way to get that can open.  After an hour of poking the can with a fork, they got it open when they could have just asked that beaver guy.  And I was sitting there the whole time thinking that they were ridiculous.  When you are in Idaho, you don’t eat beans.  You eat potatoes. And Idaho wanted us to know that.  We get it Idaho, we get it.

Beans I hear make me stink, which is inappropriate in most situations.  Most. So I plan to be nonstinkable this week in the Idaho place and just eat potatoes.  We have plans to see waterfalls, and go on hikes, and visit a rescue in Rexburg, Idaho early next week called Four Paws Adoption Center.   Sheriff Brickle is really excited about it because they have a lot of cats up for adoption.


Am I as excited?  Not so much.  Just sayin’.  I like cats as much as Idaho likes beans.

So are you ready for a fun filled, mashed potatoes and french fry week in Idaho?  It’s going to be fun.  It’s going to be interesting.  But hold the beans.  I have plenty of eating and not stinking to do.  Join us on our Facebook page today…you will really like what we are going to see first…there are no beans there either.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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