Water Doesn’t Do That.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well.  Here we are in Iowa.  It’s a good day already because we all woke up, we are together, and the persons have mud.  Mud, I tell you.  Mud. I swear it is and I don’t usually swear. They call it coffee.  I say it looks and smells like mud.  By the way. Can dogs swear?  Perhaps a certain bark is swearing.  I should look into that, but if I do it, I will get arrested anyway and probably not a good idea. I swear, I am hilarious.

First off, let me say this.  Sometimes, even though we try to take you away from the problems in life, we have to acknowledge certain things.  Yesterday in this Iowa place, it was a bad morning.  Police officers lost their lives.  Families were broken.  Lives were taken.  We woke up to the news and the persons were very upset.  We thought about canceling our rescue visit near Des Moines because we were afraid.  But the persons decided that we would go, and on we went.  We would like to say that the police officers and their families were in our thoughts all day.  All day. In their honor, and in their memory, we did our part to help animals in need at AHeinz Animal Rescue And Transport.  And we want to say how much the officers were in our thoughts.

Scrapper Available For Adoption Thru AHeinz

We will not tragedy stand in our way this week of showing you the good AND good people and good things in Iowa!


So! The persons started off their day in Iowa this morning with the mud they call coffee. This is the most perplexing thing ever to me.  Before they drink the mud, they say nothing. They walk around like Sheriff Brickle all slumped over and moody.  And then, when they drink the mud, they come alive.  Talking, talking, blah, blah.  Its like a miracle or something.  Why doesn’t our water do this?  Our water does NOT do this.  If so, I would be barking and howling, Sheriff Brickle would be arresting, and I would be writing reports all before breakfast.  Which in fact reminds me I did not have pancakes this morning.

But then listen.  I swear, and I swear again, that at night, they drink grapes or something in a glass called wine and then they stop talking.  They fall asleep and then what in the world? They wake up again, drink mud and it starts all over again. My water doesn’t do that.  Seems ridiculous.

I don’t know what persons are thinking sometimes.  They don’t drink out of water bowls.  They could drink more mud out of that for sure, and perhaps more grapes in a glass.  Dogs are smarter than people I swear! I sweared again!  I guess…I. Am. Arrested.

Have a great day everyone and look for our Iowa adventures today on our Facebook page!

-Deputy Digby Pancake





2 thoughts on “Water Doesn’t Do That.

  1. Having some of that mud myself this morning 🙂 I gave up the grapes when I quit smoking years ago but I wish to make a toast to mud, grapes and water bowls 🙂 Long may they supply us with the good stuff 🙂

  2. A. E. King

    There is no accounting for human persons. And yet they make pancakes happen. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Goodnight.

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