Salt, Pepper, And Dog Hair

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Another day in Iowa begins, and so here we are.  Enjoying the farmland views, the wind in our fur and the grass beneath our paws.

We had a great day yesterday in this Iowa place.  We got to hike thru farms, smell new smells and appreciate this new state we are in for the week.  Girl Person says that sometimes, you shouldn’t have a destination.  She says that we should take time to enjoy and soak in our new home for the week. So that is what we did.



Boy Person decided to take a break too yesterday after he was done working on the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  He sat down for once to eat his lunch in the front seat, which is my seat by the way.  He was enjoying his lunch of pita bread, spinach, tomatoes, cheese and the like. Yes, I am sure you didn’t ask what he was eating, but it is of interest to Digby who asked me to write it.  I could care less for spinach, and you can leave off the tomatoes and pita bread too and just give me a pile of cheese.  Although that has nothing to do with anything today, that is that.  I got a little irritated he was in my seat.  And so since dogs can’t express our irritation most times, I decided to shake it off.  All over his lunch.

He jumped up with dog hair all over him and all over his lunch.  I guess that is obvious due to the paragraph above, but sometimes, I need to fill in the blanks for some people.  He told Girl Person that he sure didn’t ask for salt.  He sure didn’t ask for pepper.  And he sure didn’t ask for dog hair on his lunch.  Well, then maybe you should have went to a finer restaurant Boy Person and got your own chair. I hear they do have chairs at restaurants, you know.

I say that when you order something, and you get something extra, you should be appreciative of the liberties that the chef has taken in preparation of your food.  A little dog hair should be a condiment.  It’s all over everything in here anyway.  I say actually, that he should have paid extra.  Like when you get extra salsa, you know you are getting charged.  And now, my dog hair will be extra too Boy Person.  Welcome to the my restaurant called The Big Blue Treat Wagon Diner.  Where dog hair is never extra!  Have a great day everyone.  Today, we are headed to our deserving, Iowa picked rescue, AHeinz57 Rescue and Transport!  Let’s do this.  With dog hair on us.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

4 thoughts on “Salt, Pepper, And Dog Hair

  1. I love getting extra stuff when I make my order! I also love going for walks during this time of the year. I love the colors of those trees. Reminds me of our recent nature walk we just had. Time for another one because before we know it, it’ll be snowing. Cheers!

  2. Karen Olson

    Brickle I love your sarcastic humor. I don’t think your point was lost on BP. Tell him the extra protein is good for him.

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